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    Are they inviting their death?

    In India, the major cities are getting more and more crowdy as all the job creation is being done near these cities only. Here in cities, people will be commuting long distances for attending their duties. Many of the students and young people will be using motorcycles for commuting. While travelling in my car I will be observing many of these motorcyclists. Majority of them will never use a helmet and in Hyderabad, it is not made compulsory. So these people will avoid the helmets always.Everyone will have a phone connected to their ears through earphones. They will be going very fast and change lanes as they like and they never care for the fellow travellers. This attitude is becoming dangerous not only for them but also to the fellow commuters. Many accidents will be taking place because of this unruly driving the vehicles. I fail to understand why these people don't learn from the happenings around them. They may be witnessing many accidents. Even then they never change their habit. I sometimes feel that they are inviting their deaths by such actions.
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    It is their over confidence and don't care attitude that paves their way to the hell. Many riders have realised their mistake of over speeding and talking while riding only after getting into the ICUs of hospitals. How to teach or tell these speeding/talking idiots on the roads to care their life for the sake of their parents, wife and children!

    No way. It is one's destiny that rules until their death.

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    People spend Rs 50,000 thousand up to a couple of lakhs on a two wheeler. Can't they spend a few hundreds on helmets?

    In India, for many youths and adults (both sexes), wearing a helmet hampers their style or image and the hair do . For some, wearing a helmet doesn't sound so important and for a few, their favorite actors looks more macho without a helmet and speeds around in the movies.

    The present generation motorbikes just zip in and out and are very powerful. Sadly, the number of 'Aviodable" deaths and accdients are too many. I think the parents and bike users should enforce the practice of wearig helmets.

    The next issue is the quality of helmets in India. There are many vendors at traffic junctions and in small shops who sell helmets for Rs 300-400. It doesn't ensure any good protection apart from just ticking the box.

    Most good/serious bikers or long distance two wheeler riders use a genuine ISI branded Indian ones or the DOT certified ( department of transport, USA) or a ECE (economic commission for Europe) or Snell certified ones.

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    Yes Dr. N.V. Srinivasa Rao, you are right, by this action, they are inviting their death. I think this becomes a fashion. Most of the people do not want to wear a helmet for their hair. They want the good-looking haircut. Fast driving becomes a fashion. They think it makes them smarter. Sometimes these teenagers compete against each other and make a motorbike race. All these things are very dangerous for their lives.
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    I just cannot understand as to what prevents a motorist not to wear a helmet even for the short distance. Whether it is made compulsory or not, the youth are not caring and riding the bikes with high speed. Now a days the heavy vehicles have come on the road with lots of noise and yet no helmet. Hyderabad traffic police has been imposing challans, giving punishment and now they have devised a new way to punish the parents for allowing the minors to ride the bike on the roads without valid licence. Minors wont be issued with licence any way and hence police are not sparing even the parents. Helmets are designed for the safety of the riders. It is there own wish to wear or not. But invariably when a two wheeler fells on the road due to sudden break or skirting, the head injuries would happen and that would be fatal,
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    Accidents doesn't happen with crowded highways but the same takes place if the instructions are not followed or the traffic rules are violated. Recently a politician & the worker in Bihar killed nine persons. He was drunk & was driving a Scorpio. So is not the case with bikers only. Would you believe that the person driving a four wheeler in a driver sheet is also watching a movie in a small screen. Evidently I have seen those.

    The trend is changing. Even the parent of a child allow the child not yet reached to the legal age limit, to drive & this has become a usual scenario. This can also be evident that the parents use the wrong side in order to drop their children to school. Even the teachers follow the same path. If our education goes wrong that i what way should we consider that the upcoming generation is going to be responsible.

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    The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, makes it mandatory for all two-wheeler riders to wear ISI-marked headgear. However, the riders often use locally manufactured, non-ISI headgear even if they are using it at all. Non-ISI helmets do not meet the life-saving requirements.

    Some of the reasons the motorcycle riders not wearing helmets are as follows -

    1. Lack of awareness. They grow up watching their parents riding without helmets.
    2. Indian movies promote unsafe riding.
    3. Poor law enforcement.
    4. Some are worried about their peripheral vision getting affected.
    5. Some are worried about hair loss

    According to a study, share of two wheelers in road mishaps was 36% in the year 2016.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Wearing helmet by the commuters by two-wheelers is mandatory. Using seat-belts by the passengers seating beside the drivers in four-wheelers is mandatory. But many people do not do this, even when they are aware of the rules. Yes, they are increasing the possibility of death by ignoring the rules. And using mobile while driving or while walking in a busy road is inviting death. All these are increasing the number of accidents in the country.
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    So everyone is of the opinion that many are violating the traffic rules and they making themselves vulnerable to accidents and deaths. Even after knowing the risk involved why people behave like this is not known.
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    The problem with the undisciplined as well as young people is that they do not want to abide by the rules framed by the state or their family. They feel that they are the daredevils and nothing is going to happen to them.

    It is difficult to change their attitude except by severe punishment or fines. For example if police or any other law enforcing agency captures the vehicle of these miscreants and only releases it after 3-4 days when their parents come in person to deposit fine and give undertaking for future then most of these rowdy people will be all right.

    Unfortunately, we are not able to enforce tough measures to educate and give lesson to these rule breakers who are unnecessarily not only inviting their death on the roads but some innocents one caught in the mess.

    Knowledge is power.

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    People riding bikes do not wear helmets. People driving cars don't put their seatbelts on. They change lanes as they wish. They do not put the indicator on while taking a turn. They have ear phones on so they can't listen to other sounds on the road like the vehicle behind them, honking. People break signals. They go the wrong way on a one-sided road. And trust me, I have seen the police do the same. The problem here is that there are no strict laws. How do you keep yourself safe when you do not know the areas of danger? Everyone says "We're not the only ones breaking the rules." And so no one follows them. If the rules set by our authorities were stricter and more in-action, accidents would not occur this much.

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