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    Do we get money by growing Money plant?

    Dear all,
    Hope you all must have heard about Money Plant. It is said that growing money plant makes us rich and wealthy. Is it so? Do you have a money plant at your home? Do you believe that a money plant brings money to us? I was told that we should a steal money plant from a rich man's house and plant it in our house to become rich. Is it?

    Let us discuss this Money Plant in details.
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    We had a money plant in our house. It was brought from my relative's house by my wife but not stolen. of course, my relative is a rich person only. I also heard many people saying that money plant in the house will bring money. But in my personal case, I have not seen any difference before after planting a money plant in our house. I think this thought is not correct. There is no relation between your richness and money plant in your house. Our wealth increase depends on our salary and our expenses. But simply by having a money plant will never bring any wealth on its own. Your efforts are always required for all the achievements.
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    I don't agree that having a money plant at home increases wealth. If that was the case, there would no poor at all in this world. Everyone would become rich just by having a money plant at home. All that is just a belief people have. Our wealth increases by our hard work, planning, saving etc. I do not have a money plant at home but our neighbour did have one. But they would face financial issues now and then. So there is no relation between being wealthy and having money plant.

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    What I feel that when we see greenery around us , we get positive vibes and that gives positive ideas to earn. So may be a money plant when it grows to full leaves and has the tendency to spread , then we get full energy to work with more zeal which results in earning money.
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    This question looks so innocent.

    Had we got money from growing Money Plant, I guess the world would have been free of poverty, corruption and maybe to some extent the pollution also would have got reduced due to the increased presence of money plant.

    The name "Money Plant" was derived due to the appearance of its leaf shape which resembled that of a coin.

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    We don't have a money plant but we have a lucky bamboo. I think these are beliefs that many systems of Vaastu, Fengshui speak of. Plants, fishes, flowing water, windows to let in plenty of sunlight, wind chimes all are individual things that bring in positive energy to the home.
    I see no harm in keeping a money plant, it doesn't require much in terms of care, just a bottle, a small plant, and some water. It gives a nice look to the room or hall. What we should not do is try to do different things and be obsessed always with the items that bring money forgetting to continue doing our work and earn the money.

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    Truely, I was told that growing money plant will help us to improve our money. That too, the plant should be fetched from a person holding money, not a poor or beggar.(Anyway, a poor or beggar will never have a money plant). I thought of getting a branch of money plant to have it in my balcony. I had account in a nationalised bank at Kochi branch where there was a big money plant tree. Since the bank had crores of rupees, I thought it would be nice to take a branch of money plant and have it planted in my home. I plucked it and brought home. It grew well, and my bank balance also went up substantially. When I left that home, I had to leave my money plant also. I did not carry it. Alas! My bank balance came down drastically. Can't believe. Do you believe this?

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    No, we don't get money by growing money plant in our house.

    Had it been so, it would have been quite simple for our finance minister to announce in general budget every year that so many million money plants are proposed to be planted during the fiscal year. Regarding, the superstition that only stolen plants bring wealth and prosperity, that is not a problem at all. We Indians are experts in stealing the things.

    Have developed countries made progress by planting stolen money plants? Is China thriving economically because it grows stolen money plants according to Feng Shui principles.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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