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    We are born as one but stand divided later. How far intelligent are we ?

    Before being born we belonged to one power. Once we are born, our identity is fixed in relation to a region, religion, caste or community. We become narrowed in our thinking and we begin to dislike anyone who does not relate to our ideologies. We then find ourselves nowhere to being a human being which once we used to be. I want to cry out loudly that no humanity is left because our concern is only gain and loss and we continue to be selfish. Saddest part!

    Have we ever had a thought as to how small we become, mentally, by the time we grow too old and would no longer carry the strength and would soon be dead? We would regret thinking as to what we have contributed to this world as an individual; that we only fought on a very narrow identity, that we forgot that all are our brothers and everyone has the right to live even if someone couldn't speak.

    The good thing is that the time will come when we will be punished for what we have done and there wouldn't be someone with whom we would be able to bargain. Then there would just be justice and nothing else.

    Give it a thought my friends.
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    The thinking of the people is getting concentrated on their personal gains only. The society has become so selfish that the children are not caring for their parents in their old age forgetting the fact that they may also become old and their children also will behave similarly with them at that time of need.
    The politicians and the leaders try to divide the people using the caste, creed, religion and other useless issues and try to get the advantage. But the public should understand the fact that these leaders are using them as tools for their benefit.
    The day people understand that we all come from one place and will be going to the same place again and nothing from this world can be carried by us there, these differences will go and this eath will become a place of tolerance and heavenly. Let all of us pray and wait for such days to come.

    always confident

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    After reading this post, my thoughts ran into a very good old song in Telugu film which names all the profession and ask why there is a tail behind every name. The tail name indicates the caste of the person and segregates and differentiates him from all. This is very bad that as long as he is in womb , nothing happens and once the baby born, the tag beside his name makes him great in his own religion first. This way , we alone promote and propagate the religion and region and also the caste. One day will come when all the caste system would be wiped out and only merit takes the front seat for all purpose.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is the way of life as set by the Lord who created us. We cannot change this except by the same God who rules the universe.
    No life without Sun

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    Our religion, caste, creed, language, place of birth etc. are decided not by us as we have no role to play in determining said factors for our own selves. Instead, these are decided by some power, rather super power, known by different names by different people e.g. the God etc.

    A baby, at the time of birth acquire the religion, caste and language etc. of his/her parents. Only after few years later the baby realises that there are factors like religion and caste etc. and he/she is made to believe certain things which his/her parents wish.

    Thus, the division is imposed on the newborn by the society.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    A thoughtful thread, just look at many families, there would be siblings 2-4, growing happily with parents, but as the children grow into adults and start their own families, they develop an animosity against each other all for the sake of money, ego and attitude.

    When this can and does happen at a family level, it's no surprise that such things happen in our country based on religion, caste, and geographic location.

    Intelligence or rather lack of it could be one cause as mentioned by the author, but I think the various events that happen around and the influence of numerous people on a growing child or a mind changes a person's attitude towards other in a family and the country.

    So, we all start as equals and slowly drift apart by what society exposes us to or imposes on us.

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