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    Black Magic - The dark side of our belief.

    Beyond logic, this is supposed to provide the shortcut in order to achieve the destiny or a goal or a purpose through the means of certain rituals, making human or animal sacrifices to appease and control the spirits. This is one of the superstitious act that people do even in the existing modern society.

    Black magic is the negative use of energies and power by evil-minded humans and thought to have the capability of solving the miseries of life. There is a problem with certain sections of the society that with the increase of jealousy, frustration, greed, selfishness, negativity and inability to accept other's happiness and growth, the use of black magic has become the most common way to take out one's vindictiveness and get an evil kind of satisfaction from the turmoil of others. This problem has intensified a lot in the last few years which is evident from the episodes like in Crime Patrol and the newspapers that many are suffering world over, including India. But surprisingly, many are completely unaware that the attacks are made by none other than their relatives including siblings, closest friends, acquaintances and relatives using the help of black magicians or the spirit world. Every day many prosperous and happy families are being ruined by black magic.

    The thing is how education should be propagated in order to get such practices and beliefs eliminated. Do you feel this is possible or will this continue to be part our life?
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    Whether we believe the black magic is not the question, why in some cases black magic has effect on the ordinary human being and a good sincere person is spoiled within minutes. And to weed out the black magic effect, one will take the help of a Murshad to get rid of evil effect. Invariably you can see large number of Hindus standing at the gate of Mosques during evening prayers , so that elders coming out after prayers can weed of the black magic effect. This method of rectifying the bad effect is very much successful in the children and children get cured immediately after visiting mosque.
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    These are all superstitions. Even in this 21st Century, people bill in these evil acts and trouble the fellow human beings with the selfish motto. Recently we are listening to such incidents through newspapers. A shameful act. Live and let live should be the policy. But killing others for our living is a very evil act. Mainly these activities are increasing due to financial disputes among the cousins. Basically, the disputes start with the division of property. Another reason is jealousy. This type of actions should be condemned and government and courts should take the incidents and the culprits should be punished severely so that these ghostly acts will come down.
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    Generally, we never or seldom talk about 'white magic' which is use of magic or supernatural power for selfless purposes. The white magic is the benevolent counterpart of malicious black magic. Black magic is use of magic or supernatural power for evil and selfish purposes.

    In Assam, 40 Kilometers from its capital Guwahati, there is a village named Mayong where a unique festival called the Mayong-Pobitora, is celebrated. Although the black magic and witchcraft is not accepted in general in the Indian society, in this little village it is not only accepted but even celebrated. The people of this village tell a lot of weird and unbelievable stories about people turning to birds or animals been made out of nothing. They believe that if one can master all the mantras, then one can turn a person into an animal, turn a leaf into fish and even fly and vanish.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    As long as there is a demand for black magic, it will do well. There are many practitioners of these in known pockets of a city or town. Most people would know about this by word of mouth and the history of that particular place. I just googled for black magic in my place, got few names listed.
    Once human craving, greed or jealousy exceeds beyond limits of rational behaviour and reasoning, he/she would turn to unfair means to achieve results. Some people cannot tolerate known friends or relatives being successful in life, they try and cast a spell.
    The author is right, only education and reasoning would help in reducing these activities. We also hear about politicians visiting such well known black magic professionals for their personal success in political endeavours.

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