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    How much do you pay for writing

    How much do we get paid under each of your writing programs including Google Adsense.
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    There are no standard rates here. The cash credits completely depend on the contribution of the member and the quality of the post. The quality and quantity will get their due importance in deciding the cash credits. But the deciding factor is your performance only.
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    We get paid from Rs. 1 to 50 in forums. In article section, it varies depending upon the quality and quantity of your article. It may go from Rs.20 to 100. Google adsense depends on the clicks you receive over the ads placed on your articles.

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    None has received Rs. 50 for a forum post other than SuN. This was for my ISC India Map where the names of all the active ISC members could be seen in the Map of India in their respective states. Alas! The map could not survive due to ill feeling of certain members of ISC.
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    thans SuN and drrao.

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    Little drops of rain together make a puddle. Payments in ISC are similar to this.
    Once you start contributing in the forum, ask the experts, job postings, article section, you start earning points and money ranging from Rs 2-5 to Rs 25-100.
    Next come the contests, thread and star of the week, prizes for outstanding performers etc. This ranges from 40-250 rupees.
    People who contribute regularly and be in the top few become eligible for revenue share bonus(this is independent of google adsense). So, yes you can make money, not huge amounts but a noticeable amount.

    This link is a detailed list of around 20-25 different ways and rough amounts that one can make money in ISC Ongoing Awards & Rewards in

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    Earning and receiving cash payments are difrerent in ISC. You earn cash credits for your qualitative posts in different sections. The accumulation of that cash credit should reach a limit to get paid. 1st payment may be minimum amount too. But from second payment, generally the limit is 1000INR.

    How to receive payments?

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    I am posting my response from a different perspective. The earnings from ISC cannot be treated as a remuneration in respect of full time or part time employment. Instead the earnings are like honorarium as a token of acknowledgement of our qualitative contributions.

    As per my estimate, one can earn up to Rs. 2000 per month by devoting few hours per day by posting articles, jobs, answers to questions and participating in contests etc. in the forum section regularly.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Please never be under the impression that there is going to be lots of earnings from this site. But a decent income is always possible at the end of the month. It may be through good posts raised here, good replies given here, good ask expert answers given in that section, and finally getting a good cash credit on the best self written articles. One thing is sure, you will not waste time in this site. Either award, reward, cash credits or recognition in some other way would be pouring in. Be a regular contributor, you are even having a chance to earn revenue share bonus assigned to top 20 members of this site.
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    The feedback from the above contributors in this site provide me with the confidence that I could also be the person who can go for some good posts & can earn too.

    I know that I have improved a bit but still a distance to go. The most important is that on an average of two hours a day that I am able to spend time here with some quality jobs.

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    There are many sections in ISC and depending upon your choice and aptitude you can contribute.

    The sections are designed and managed in such a way that there are opportunity to earn some cash credit for almost all the entries directly or indirectly through revenue sharing.

    One must explore the various sections of ISC before concluding his earning potential. Articles are the activity where there are very good scope for making cash credits. In ask expert section if one can develop a good activity it can also fetch some cash credits.

    Job posting, information updates of schools and colleges, my India are other places where opportunity is there.

    Remember, ISC is not paying to only one or two members. It is making cash payment to so many members on a regular basis and the cumulative amount is impressive.

    More than that it is a place where you learn and sharpen your skills and at the same time make some money also.

    There are many creative people attached to this site not for the cash credits but for those intangible benefits of learning and acquiring knowledge especially in so many varied fields.

    Knowledge is power.

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