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    How close have you ever been to a celebrity?

    Celebrity means a famous person, who is well known among the masses.

    Generally, in the list of top celebrities of India, we find the names of persons from the world of movies and sports. Though from the world of movies, the actors and actresses predominate, but names of singers and music directors etc. can also be found. Similarly, in the field of sports, the cricketers predominate but the names of few sports persons from other sports like badminton, tennis, wrestling etc. can also be found.

    Many persons from other fields like politics, industry, business, journalism etc. also become very famous but generally they are not described as a celebrity as such.

    Have you ever met a celebrity? How close have you ever been to a celebrity?
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    In my life I have met one producer, director and actor , all in one and he is non other than famous Telugu film personality Narayana. We met on the lawns on Prasad film lab in Banjara Hills and had varied discussion on film and politics too. He was down to earth man with much simplicity. Like wise I also met Koneru Hampi, the famous sports personality . What I feel that celebrities wants to interact with the fans and wants to know how they rate them and seek suggestions for improvement too. But those celebrities who wont care the fans and want to live away from them are soon out of focus.
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    I do not have / know any celebrity . However, I had an occasion to meet a present celebrity while she was a kid not knowing that she would be a great celebrity. The meeting took place in Hotel Wyte Fort of Kochi when I visited the hotel for dinner. I sat adjustant to the celebrity and her parents, and chatted with the cute baby girl for a while. It is none other than the present silver screen heroine of the south ' Ms.Kirti Suresh' who was just 3 then. Southern film star Menaka's daughter.
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    On another occasion, I had an opportunity to sit alongside Music director AR Rehman and pray, when he visited a mosque at 'Attangarai Pallivasal' in the district Tirunelveli of Tamilnadu, a famous shrine visited by people irrespective of their religion. He was new then. He visited the shrine to say thanks for the success of his Tamil film 'Gentleman"for which he was Music director. As it was a prayer hall, I could not converse with him, except to exchange a lovely smile.
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    In my life, I have not met any celebrity in India so far. But I have seen Govinda, Raj Babbar and couple of other actors while they were shooting a movie in Juhu beach.
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    I met a well-known Singer in Telugu film industry. The singer is Upadrasta Sunita. I was travelling from Tirupathi to Hyderabad on a flight. She was also on the same flight. We travelled together on the flight. We discussed few points during this journey. I know a relative of her. We talked about that person also.
    I travelled with Purandareswari, N.T.R's daughter the then HR minister in Manmohan Singh's ministry and now in BJP. We travelled together from Hyderabad to Nagpur on a flight. I told her that I am a big fan of NTR. She enquired about my profession and the company I am working and she enquired about the suitability of chemical engineers in our company.
    I travelled with one actor called Battala Satyam from Vizag to Hyderabad on the flight. No discussion. Just only how r u and how r u

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    Though he was not a celebrity but a big personality and more than a celebrity of Tamilnadu. He is Dr. SA Raja who is affectionately known as "Sardar Raja". He has many educational institutions. He is the boss of many Medical, Dental, Engineering, Nursing, Arts and science colleges in south India. He is known as 'Kalvi Thanthai"(Father of education), He is an Ex Serviceman retired from Indian Airforce, and reached this level. As he was well known to my Boss, on one fine evening, I had an opportunity to sit ,drink, dine and chat with him for four hours. While chatting, he promised me to help the needy to get admission in his educational institutions. Yes. He kept up his words when I directed a guy to get his son admitted in his college by taking only few thousands as donation against many thousands

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    I once got a chance to shake hands with none other than Anil Ambani and Sam Pitroda in the annual convocation function of my son who had got gold medal in academics in B.Tech. Since he was away in USA for higher studies, I had to receive the gold medal and thus I got this chance.
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    Have you ever taken autograph of any celebrity so far

    Who are those lucky actors whom you have seen physically ?

    Some of our ISC ians already responded to this similar questions in above threads. Of course, many may not commented at that time. I am one among them. So, let me share those moments now.

    I saw Actor Jeeva in Express Avenue, He was with his wife. When me and friends talked among ourselves to confirm it is Jeeva, he smiled and waved hands to us.

    After finished watching tamil movie Mankatha, first day show in Sathyam cinemas, we got to know, the actor Ashwin Kakamanu, for whom i is a debut movie also watching the movie with us in front of same screen. I went along with my classmates. It was a mass bunk. When he crossed our seat, asked about his performance and we delivered our appreciations to him. He is an handsome guy, looked as same as he was on screen.

    Then come the pride moment of my life. In the year 2012, SRI SHAKTHI INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY conducted a leadership summit. Me and my friend was awarded first class leaders for our business project. We received that award from Chetan bhagat. Along with the prize, he gifted us with his book Five point someone with his autograph.

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    A very interesting thread by the author. Who does not like to feel like a celebrity? If a chance is given to someone I think that will be a great time when all eyes are on you.

    I did not have any such opportunity to sit along the celebrity on a dais or elevated platform which I can recollect today but the nearest one was when I was called as a chief speaker and chief guest to a Physics department annual function in the college from where I had done my graduation long back.

    It so happened that when I was working as a scientific officer in one of the PSUs, I had an opportunity to visit the city from where I had done my B Sc. My professor came to know about this and invited me to their annual Physics technical function to deliver a lecture. When I reached there at the stipulated time, I was treated like a very special person by the faculty and students and for about half a day I was feeling myself almost very near to a celebrity feeling. The day is still in my memory remembering all the honour and hospitality that was bestowed on me.

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    Wow all these replies and the celebrities featuring in them makes my experience trivial.

    Well...Darshan Raval an upcoming singer..whom I saw on TV and voted for...happened to be at my college during a fest. I was standing backstage and I could see him clearly. It was stunningly magically beautiful. YouTube icon called Shirley Setia adorned the same stage next year. I even got a chance to shake hands with her and was privileged to appear in a selfie with her.

    Those are my little experiences with few celebrities.

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    Interestingly, While I was in Mumbai(Bombay), my unit was involved in organizing a Bharatanatyam show of the great Padma Subramaniam, a renowned Bharatha Natyam artist of world fame, in an auditorium at Colaba opposite Regal Cinema. At the beginning, when she was welcomed and introduced on the stage, and when my boss shook hand with her, my boss's coat button got entangled with her golden bangles. They struggled to get them separated on their own. Finally, I had to touch her hands to have them released. What a touching day!
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    It is indeed a great opportunity to meet the stars or the celebrities in real.
    Once we were on a college picnic to mahabalipuram, there a shooting of jeetendra and Rekha was going on. Jetendra was having his breakfast in a garden, and I met him and spoke to him, Rekha was in her make up room. I just had a glance of her.
    Second time was when I received my degree on my convocation day from the famous singer vaani Jayram.
    On an another occasion Chanda Das a ghazal singer was in a town near Delhi, for a performance, he couldn't get a good hotel, since I have a Bungalow there, we arranged his stay at our place.
    One thing for sure, we remember these instances well and they become memories for us. There were no mobiles those days so no pics, only memories.. I wish we had mobiles those days to capture those moments.

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    Also, I met the great Thirumuruga Kirupananda Variar who is a devotee of Lord Muruga, and a great orator. He acted in many Tamil films too. I met him in train while I was travelling in a first class compartment from Chennai to Tuticorin in Pearl City Express. Early in the morning, at 5 a.m.I went to his cabin and sought his blessings and autograph. I touched his feet, and he blessed me by applying the holy ash on my forehead. Then he gave me a small book of Skantha sasti kavasam. Then he gave me his autograph. It is the only autograph from a celebrity I have it with me. He wrote "Irai theduvathodu iraiyum thedu" means -" While searching for food, search for God too." Great autograph from a very great man. I still hold his autograph as a treasure I got.
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    In a nutshell, I have met the following celebrities/personalities very closely.
    1. Keerthi suresh (Actress as a child)
    2. AR Rehman (Music Director)
    3. Thiru Kirupanandavari (Orator/actor)
    4 .Smt. Padma Subramaniyam (dancer)
    5. Dr. SA Raja ( Educationist)

    I had a close look at the following celebrities/VIPs
    Smt. Indira Gandhi(Onboard a ship) - Rajiv Gandhi(At Goa Airport) - Dr. Karunanidhi (In the TN Assembly hall) - MGR( In Fort.St George) - Shivaji Ganeshan (film shooting Anjalpetti 520)- Gemini Ganeshan - Padmini - Sarojadevi(film shooting anjalpetti 520) -Raj Kapoor - Sashi Kapoor(At hotel Taj coramandal) - Vyjayanthimala - Nanda - Sadhana - Hema Malini - Mumtaz - Urvashi - Menaka(Hotel wyte Fort) - Asokan(In a train) - Vijay(Kochji backwaters) - Kasthuri (In a party) - Pooja Bhatt, Sneka, Vivek(at film shooting in Tirunelveli) . Singers TM Soundararajan (Chennai Moor Market), Seerkali Govindarajan(Chennai Moor Market), Yesudas,(In vizag) Sushila, LR Easwari, AM Raja, Jikki,(Flower bazaar chennai) Tiruchi Loganathan( Near High court Madras) and his son TL Maharajan,

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    I can't understand the part 'how close have you ever been to a celebrity'. Glad to see that many members have met celebrities.

    Celebrities are also real people with all the perfections, faults and imperfections of life, like us. I don't think we need to intrude into the personal space of these celebrities unless they want us to. Some celebrities thrive on fanfare around them and would welcome such intrusions but most would just smile and hope that they would be left on their own.

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    Does the word ''├želebrities'' indicate only film-stars? I don't think so. Although I have met some film-stars, politicians, singers and players, my most memorable experience is spending more than three hours in the airport and in the flight with my most favourite author. I have already written about that memorable experience in ISC.
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