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    How high or low blood pressure affects our health adversely?

    Almost all of us are aware that the blood pressure should not be high. Even a low blood pressure is considered bad.

    However, I feel that most of us have no idea at all or only have a vague idea as to how the high or low blood pressure adversely affects our health? In absence of such knowledge, people take the subject matter lightly and only superficially take care for maintaining their blood pressure in correct range.

    Are you aware as to how high or low blood pressure affects our health adversely? When last your blood pressure was measured? Do the physician you consult, measures your blood pressure each time you visit him/her?
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    For any human being maintaining the right pressure is must. Low or high pressure is also bad to the health. By low pressure one would feel fatigue symptom coupled with sweating. On the other hand if some has the high pressure, there would be heavy beating on the temple sides and feel uneasy like head ache and even vomiting. When ever a person has such tendencies , he must keep quiet and should not move out as there are every chance of loosing control on the body and falling on the ground. Better to have emergency pills to control low and high pressures as prescribed by the family doctor.
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    As far as my knowledge goes normal blood pressure level is 120/80mmHg. High blood pressure is 140/90 mmHg or higher irrespective of the age. The lower your blood pressure the lower your risk of heart attack, heart failure, stroke and kidney disease will be.
    The persons with high blood pressure may have a pounding feeling in their head or chest, a feeling of lightheadedness or dizziness will be there.
    The persons with low blood pressure may have all or some of the following problems.
    Lack of concentration, Blurred vision, Cold, clammy, pale skin, Rapid, shallow breathing, fatigue and Depression. if anyone is having any of the above symptoms it is advisable to go and consult a physician for necessary treatment.

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    High blood pressure and low blood pressure both are dangerous for us. High blood pressure is called the silent killer. I have written an article where you can find the effect of high blood pressure . High blood pressure can affect kidney, retina, brain, etc of our body.
    Low blood pressure is more dangerous than High blood pressure. The symptoms of both are almost the same. So, if a person has any type of blood pressure he should carefully watch his BP when he found any symptoms or feel comfort.

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    In terms of BP - both high and low pressure can play havoc but the unfortunate part of this disorder is that its symptoms is not immediately noticeable and in both the cases either high or low the disease proceeds affecting the entire organs of the body.
    The normal pressure of blood in terms of systolic and diostolic should fall between 120- 140 and 80 - 100 and any deviation of the same is to be considered a dangerous zone.
    In both the cases, persistent headache, uneasiness, Lack of concentration prevail requiring medicine of proper dosage with the consultation of the Doctor.
    The stress is the root cause of this dreaded disease and hence leading a stress - free life would eliminate this disease - whether high or low in nature.

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    In the simplest of terms, blood pressure is the one that drives blood in all parts of the body and organ system.

    A fall in BP (less than 90/60 mmHg) due to disease or major infections or loss of blood can affect blood flow to other organs. Hence giddiness, easy tiredness, lack of engery etc.

    High blood pressure ( more than 120/80) depending on the degree of increase cause thickening of the arteries, narrowing of arteries and damage to the organs. Often having throbbing headaches, easy irritability, sometimes palpitations.

    Some people have 'Low BP" especially when they suddenly change position from sitting to a standing posture. This is common as age advances and called as Orthostatic hypertension.

    The diagnosis of high and low BP cannot be made on one reading and at one visit. It is advisable to visit the physician/cardiologist of choice, get a proper diagnosis and medications prescribed. The frequency of visits to the doctor depends on how stable in the BP control.

    Life style changes (lowering stress, anxiety, unsocial hours) and diet changes ( low salt) will help in the long run.

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    The rise and low in blood pressure is treated medically through medicines by doctors. But our,patients,duty is not end with mere taking tablets as prescribed by the doctors but keeping our mind free from stress or tension. For this we can meditate for sometime. The role of surrounding people also important in keeping the sufferers' mind free as they should not make things or speak so as to raise the BP.

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    As mentioned in one of the responses above, the elderly persons particularly should take precautions while going to washroom in the night time. They should not directly stand up from lying position. Instead, they should first rise from the lying position to sitting position, continue to sit for few minutes on the bed and only after that stand up to walk to washroom. One may feel lightheadedness i.e. a feeling that one is about to faint which may be sometimes severe. Symptoms like blurred vision, vertigo, anxiety, palpitations, feeling sweaty, nausea etc. may also occur.
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    Yes what Kailash has said is right. As soon as you wake up, first have the clear vision from your eyes as it would be total darkness when you happen to wake in in the mid night time. Sit for a while so that the blood circulation occurs all over the body and then try to get up slowly holding some thing as support or walk through the wall as support. Never lock the toilet while you are inside as even in case you fell down, others can help you out. By the way it is must for the BP and sugar patients to have their regular medicines overnight and go to sleep. Even one day miss of medicine would tell upon the health.
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    In a layman words, hypertension or high blood pressure, is when our blood travels through blood vessels with more force than is considered healthy. Because of simple reason that when blood pressure is high means when a flow of blood is comparatively inflated or excessive then in its due course this can damage the artery and blood vessel walls over time. Resulting of which will lead to dangerous complications and even death if left untreated. Adding, the high blood pressure seems to have no symptoms until & unless we began to experience the complications in the coming times. That's why it's always suggested to have this checked on regular basis as the delay may get proved costly.

    In continuation, just opposite the case & we will have some understanding of what is Low Blood Pressure & its consecutive effects on our mind & body.

    In today's life style we are not able to get the changes taking place within us. Sometimes we are excited & sometimes we feel dull & these have effect on us & not making ourselves changing to these will prove no good. As a precaution we can take a good morning walk & try to get away from the tensions during working hours.

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