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    Discover yourself before venturing to discover the world

    We have to discover ourselves i.e. our goals, talents, strengths and weaknesses first prior to venturing into this boundless world for leading a meaningful life.

    Each of us is unique and has a different set of talents. Both Sachin Tendulkar and Kapil Dev has left their academic education in between because they were made to excell in the field of cricket, not academics. They had discovered their true passion and followed that.

    We have to discover the realistic understanding of our own abilities shooing away the excuses like bad luck, destiny etc. We must know as to who matters i.e. we have to discover the people who motivate and inspire us. There is a famous saying that 'You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with'.

    Discovering what triggers our anger, hatred, jealousy, ego and what are the causes of the lack of self-confidence helps us in overcoming the same and letting our true potential bloom fully.

    Discover yourself before venturing to discover the world.

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    Nice observation from the author connecting to tow topic. Often we wont explore ourselves fully and wants to know more about others and the world at large. Not that we want to ape them or their characters, just for the purpose of curiosity and pleasure. If every one recognise their own talent and abilities, surely they can survive on their own without depending on parents help too. Instead we want to discover the talents of others and spend more time on that. Nevertheless, we have to learn from so many big people around us as to how they surged forward knowing their talent fully well.
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    An excellent thread. We must have to discover our inner self. We are required to discover our strengths and weaknesses-we must discover our virtues and vices. Further, we must overcome our weaknesses and vices. Only then, we can truly discover the world.
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    Discovering our own self is very important. Everyone should conduct SWOT analysis on them. What are their strenghts? In which areas they are weak and how to improve there. What are the opportunities and threats? These should be identified and see that they will progress in their life. By this analysis, the individual will know where he has to correct himself and where he has to get additional strengths and where he will be strong. A good thread and nicely explained by the author.
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    Good one.

    Discover your treasures with the aim to touch people's hearts, inspire them through various methods, and change their perception toward life. Optimism is the biggest asset that we owe & this depends on how we take it. Searching for a way to discover who you really are? Curious about what makes you unique and how to become the person you were meant to be?The author has mentioned two personalities here & this could be numerous if keep on counting those. Few got technical education but doing jobs in Information Technology. Like wise few got management education but now they are into acting & few became the commentators. What we are doing & what we are going to be doesn't depend solely on one factors but on a combinations of these.

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