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    Why it is considered socially inappropriate to ask age of a woman and income of a man?

    All of us know that it is considered socially inappropriate to ask age of a woman and income of a man. Have you ever thought about the rationale behind such etiquette?

    I personally tried to analyse and understand but could not reach up to a totally satisfying answer. Can you help me by explaining the nuances behind such considerations.

    All human beings, be they woman or man, have a biological age. What is there in hiding it? Similarly, legal income of most of the men can be guessed easily by the persons in their social circle.

    Please help me by sharing your frank opinion about the subject matter?
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    The author has raised a nice topic for discussion. Every women wants to look younger and she is afraid of looking aged and we are seeing women invariably spending huge money on cosmetics and other beauty enhancing products and thus wants to look wrinkles free. On the other hand as a man , he wants to earn more money for the family and for his future and always has the tendency to conceal some money for the exigencies which is not a bad habit. If you observe in both the cases the concealment is the criteria . Invariably I have seen that when you ask a women to reveal the age, she would tell 10 years younger the real one. Like wise a man who is earning good amount when asked to reveal the salary he would cite lots of deductions and say the figure which is far less than his actual take home salary.
    K Mohan
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    Only any old lady with make up may not reveal her age and would feel shy, but a decent gentle woman will never hesitate to spell her age. Hence we should not ask the made-up lady's age.

    As for as a man concerned, if he reveals his salary, the other party might seek him some financial help quoting his salary drawn, Hence a man hesitates to spell his salary. So, it is to be avoided.

    No life without Sun

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    I found a very good answer to this questions couple of days. it is considered socially inappropriate to ask the age of a woman and income of a man because a woman does not live the life for herself and a man does not earn for himself.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    The tendency of a human being is to make friends with good looking ladies and who are young enough. So if she reveals her age to you, you may think she is too young or too old to be friend with her. So if we ask her, she has to tell ou her age. Once you know you may or may not like to be friend with you. So it is better not to ask so that you can be friend with her.
    It is a general tendency in the society to treat a person great basing on his financial status and income. When you see a person you can assess his income or position in the society by the way he is behaving and be answering the questions. When you know his income and if it is different from what you have expected, you will get disappointment. So why unnecessarily ask him and get disappointed. So it is wise not to ask him.
    By asking these questions you will get embarrassed by hearing their answers. To avoid this you better not ask those questions.

    always confident

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    It is very embarrassing for a woman to reveal her age and for a man to disclose his earnings. They would like to keep this to themselves and let's respect that. We don't have to ridicule them for hiding their age or salary. These days it's also better not to ask a woman how much she earns.

    Mr. Mohan, "Every woman wants to look younger and she is afraid of looking aged", not every woman wants to look younger, there are women who love to age gracefully and they have carried it very elegantly as well. It's most women want to look younger but not every woman. Again, I think its a bit exaggerated when you have said that women would tell 10 years lesser than her actual age. First, she would be hesitant to reveal her age, even if she does I don't she would reduce it to 10 years than her actual age.

    Mr. Sun, what makes you say that only an old lady with makeup would feel shy to reveal her age? Let me tell you a real incident, I once called up my friend and talked with her daughter who was hardly 5 years old. So, to start the conversation, I asked her how old are you dear one, and you know what she said- Don't you know you shouldn't ask a girl her age?

    So, as per your comment was she not a gentlewoman or rather a child? So I think that's not right to categorize that only old women will not reveal her age.

    Unless it's official why should we poke our nose to know other's age or salary, be it a man or women?

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    Neethu what I said holds good. There are some celebrities who have been spending huge money to defy their age definition and thus even stoop to the level of plastic surgeries often.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Mohan if they have chosen to do, why generalize it to all women? Even if some celebrities have done it should we ridicule their decision and how does it imply to all women?

    Somewhere down the line the glamorous industry and the viewers have defined what beauty should be instead of accepting the talent which leads to such steps to remain in par with the industry.

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    Can a woman hide her age when seeking an appointment or during an interview. According to me, it is between the far relatives and unknown friends who may not reveal their ages and salary drawn. A stranger has no business to know the age and salary of a person. If the salary of a person is low, his relatives might ridicule him or wonder about his high salary. (Buri Nazar lag Jaayega).

    When my aunt (My father's own sister) asked me about my salary, I refused and said,"You should not ask a person's salary." If said, she would have demanded a good sum from me as a gift.

    On another occasion, when one of my aunt(My father's cousin sister) who had a beautiful daughter whom I wanted to marry, asked me about my salary. When I said the true salary drawn by me, she said,"Poo, ivvalavuthana"(Poo, This much only) and refused to give her daughter when I proposed her.

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    Yeah Mr. Sun, hence I said in my above response:

    "Unless it's official why should we poke our nose to know other's age or salary, be it a man or women?" But you said that old women with makeup will hide their age which is what my objection was for.

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    We have grown up hearing this statement often. To me is sounds more like a good conservation manners or equitite rather than a hard and fast rule. Many women work now, does anyone think or ask would she feel upset about revealing her earnings?

    I think, it's most realted to the fear of the unknown implication of revealing the value (money or age).

    How would the person asking the question or people around us react if a lady were to reveal her age or a man were to reveal her salary. There are many indirect ways to find the answers but when face to face it can lead to embrassing moments between the two people.

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