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    Are you aware of the extent of nuisance created by the street dogs?

    India has about 3 crores street dogs and about 20,000 persons die every year due to rabies. According to a report of the Global Alliance for Rabies Control, India accounts for 35% of human rabies deaths, more than any other country.

    In the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu extreme measures were adopted to contain the growing stray dog problem. The village councils ordered killing of stray dogs. The dog catchers hired by locals went around injecting the canines with potassium cyanide.

    Are you aware of the extent of nuisance created by the street dogs? Have you ever been affected by the stray dogs roaming freely on Indian streets?
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    No. Thanks to God for not getting bitten by a stray dog and suffer with 14 injections around my navel. It is true that the street dogs especially the stray dogs menace is too much in our country. I have been chased by dogs while on car and bike. I do not know why many dogs hate my good old white Padmini and chase it? Better not to encounter but stay away from stray dogs and street dogs. Else convert them into pets.
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    In my street, there is a family who feeds regularly the stray dogs. So many dogs will come here and stay there. So we face many problems with this dogsIn the nights they go on barking heavily and make big noise which will make us suffer without sleep the whole night. Early morning the 10th and 12th students will be going for tuitions. They get scared of these dogs and wait for somebody to come and support them in crossing these dogs. When any new person comes to the street even daytime also they hunt that person and make him worry a lot. The aged people who will be going for the morning walk in the early morning will go with a stick in their hand so that these dogs will not create the problem for them. The colony people asked that family to keep one or two dogs as their pet dogs and don't try to feed all these dogs. But they refused. Once or twice the minici[pal authorities tries to shift these dogs. But after two or three days of taking away, these dogs come back to the colony. Really it makes many people worry.
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    If we watch the news and notice things happening in our country in the recent past I feel that the nuisances created by street dogs are nothing as compared to the crimes committed by fellow human beings.

    Poor little beings they would be grateful to the hands that fed and cared for them unlike few of our fellow beings.

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    A guest entering into a house but stayed out by seeing a dog barking. On seeing this, the house person came out and told,'please come in,it won't do anything'. The guest replied,'you know that but the dog should know me'. Like this nobody knows which street dog is good or bad,but when barking at us our status is entirely different. That too if the scene is in night the situation is more tense.

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    Ms. Neethu, I very much like your forthright manner. Keep it up. The stray dogs are also the creation of God. The God might have some purpose for creating them also. Very few of the dogs that bark bite the people. The dog bite is dangerous and involves a lot of pain to the person bitten. As you observed a lot more dangerous human beings are straying on the roads. The stray dogs are caught and killed but these people go scot free. A few days back, a drunken political leader killed nine children with his drunken driving. Recently a rally was conducted in support of a person who raped a minor girl. This is the condition of the present society. No one dares to open their mouth against them. I am happy there are some people who feed these stray dogs.
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    Dogs are usually friendly to humans, and are generally more scared of you than you are of them. They usually don't bite without provocation but they may bite -
    1. when they perceive aggression on your part, such as a raised stick, or bending to pick a stone,
    2. if one tries to touch or catch them,
    3. to protect their owner's or their own territory, or their food/source of food,
    4. to protect their young ones.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Fortunately, I have not faced such threatening moments of life. I am very much scared of dogs. Even if it is a pet, I don't trust entering the home. My Perima (mother's sister) house has 2 dogs. When I went there for a vacation, my grand father told, however it is a pet, it is an animal. So, beware of it. I agree to what he said and always stayed away from it.

    I agree to Neethu's statement as well. When it is animal, we are aware of its nature and can do precautions. But what to do with those arrogant criminals,

    Nice to see, that the author also provided some precautions, in above comment to stay safe from street dogs.

    Sri Vetri
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    Stray dogs have been a great source of nuisance in colonies and other settlements but the problem is so massive that no solution is on the anvil.

    The population of these animals increases at a fast pace and there are no conscious efforts for their sterilization on Govt or NGO level. People cannot adopt also so many stray animals.

    Some animal lovers feed these pitiable creatures out of their love and affection which is further exaggerating the problem.

    Knowledge is power.

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    In Hyderabad too street dogs menace is at high. Apart from street dogs, the pet owners are having more dogs and that is very nuisance. For example just opposite to my house, there are seven pet dogs. All of them are ferocious and have the liking to bite. They are not tied. And when the complaint is given to the dog catching unit of GHMC, the dogs are tied with straps to defend that they are pet dogs and cannot be taken by van. So this kind of nuisance is the sin for the colony as no one can cross their house beyond as if one dog starts chasing, all the six would join and one can imagine the terrific tension of a person running for safety. What I feel that if the dogs have no owners, they must be eliminated from the roads ,otherwise they create tension to road users as no one would offer them food, or otherwise let the government have animals pet to rear them.
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    Once, there was a stray dog in my campus creating problems to the whole people living in the campus. I being second to my boss, I ordered to shoot the stray dog. When he came to know this, he called me and fired me and asked me not to do anything with the dog. He was worried about Menaka Gandhi who would take it seriously. Finally, I requested the Municipal authorities to take the dog under their control. It was done, and my boss relaxed. He said,"Sun.This is what to be done."
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    Whose mistake?

    Anyhow I never got bitten at least till the time I am writing this comment.

    During the course of action we forgot that these street dogs have also the rights to live. The problem here is that except for a human being we don't feel the humane behavior for any other entity in this planet. Our population has increased so much that even the natural resources are estimated to get end up after a specific time frame but still we are no more want to get educated in order to implement on our end. Here I mean the population control. In the same area we have exceeded our limit & now since long we have been occupying the areas of other. I need the attention of the readers that forest land have been reduced & several other species are now supposed to have declined or dead.

    The ecosystem is comprising of balanced growth within different entities which has end up will surely lead to serious problems. The survival instinct in each of us will gather strength surely that we will be facing these a lot in the future.

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    #628046: I ordered to shoot the stray dog... Mr.SuN, could you please edit it, because this could be held against you by someone, sometime.

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