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    Discover the hidden treasures from books

    Life is too short and one cannot simply live and go. One should always make a mark on the earth before he or she leaves. One has to acquire the knowledge to make a mark or affect the society in a better way.

    Chanakya said that "Do not wait for own mistake to learn something but learn from other's mistake". Books are nothing but a collection of experiences. One should read books and learning should never be stopped. There are lots and lots of benefits of book reading.

    Books give you knowledge. Book reading helps to increase the visualization power, it also reduces the stress. It increases the focusing power and memory.

    Thus, books are hidden treasures and one has to read books to get that treasures in forms of many benefits of book reading.

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    We are busy 24x7 to earn money to meet our Roti Kapda Aur Makan requirement. Where is time to find the treasure in books? More than the books, we now find the treasure through the Television channels. There are ample number of useful channels to refresh/update/enhance our knowledge. You are right, but for the good old days when TV was not available to us.
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    "but for the good old days when TV was not available to us," that means books have no values nowadays? If I agree then most of the future successful people might get more success by watching television.

    I do not agree with you. It is up to us to manage the time well. Most of the renowned CEOs like Bill Gates reads a book every week. Warren Buffet reads 500 pages a day on average. When it comes to TV, it is more than an idiot box except for some useful channels like Discovery, Discovery science and others which provides only educational content for the betterment of society.

    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
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    Really books are the treasure banks. You should draw those treasure for your benefit as maximum as possible. Another advantage is the same book can be read by many people and the book will be further available the book bank. It will not get exhausted.
    These days TV channels airing good topics. But the advantage with books is anytime you can open and read based on your time availability. In TV you can see when the air it. That means your time's convenience is not seen there. You have to make it convenient to watch the program. But books are not like that. Anytime you can draw a book from your library or from the internet and read as long as you want.
    Coming to books, there are very good books which will educate you in the field you want and you will enrich your knowledge by knowing the work done in that particular field through books. Books are very important for learning and enhancing our competency in any subject you choose.

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    Earlier days, I used to find the school library or a public library filled with people standing and reading books due to non availability of seats. Whereas, these days I find only the librarian sitting and reading the books. The visitors to library have been drastically reduced. Though there are substances in books, no one has time to read it except for references not available on the net. Holding Mobile phones, smartphone for 24x7, and browsing internet for face book, youtube etc. have become the fashion, and books are forgotten to a great extent.
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    "Whereas, these days I find only the librarian sitting and reading the books. "

    I think this does not affect the person who is fond of books or has tasted the fruits of reading books. I agree with you that today people are finding no time to read books but the kind of resources we are getting today is more than earlier days. Today's many websites, ebooks, application based books and educational videos make a larger impact on people. You cannot simply deny the fact that books and book reading is advantageous. It is a matter of choice to take a good or bad decision.

    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
    'I'mprovement always begins with 'I'.

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    I do agree that the books are collection of experiences of various people who have appended their life moments in different situations and thus be a barometer to judge the performance. But while reading books our minds also get flashed as to why that person faulted in that circumstances and thus faced the problem. And some people have the knack of only mentioning the problems they faced in the books as experience and never shared the happy moments and there by we have been denied with right perception of their lives. Nevertheless books enhance our knowledge and if we read the same book again and again a new thought would certainly emanate.
    K Mohan
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    Books remain books whether they are read in hard copy or on internet in electronic format. The additional advantage of using the books in electronic format is the searchability of the desired types of literature.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Books can be considered as a very useful resource for a varied number of problems or issues. Books can be discovered for knowledge, for means to earn a living, for spending time meaningfully, for enlightenment.
    A person fond of books would realize that it's a lifelong habit that keeps growing with us. Many good people discover the passion for books at an early age.

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