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    Health is by chance!

    It is said that health is wealth. This is the most important thing in the life. People take all sort of measures and precautions to keep their health in good conditions.

    Fitness freaks can be seen walking in the morning or working out in the gym to achieve that.

    Still, the mysterious are the ways of good health. There are innumerable examples of people not keeping a good health in spite of all the favorable factors in their life.

    In view of this, sometimes we feel - health is by chance! Do you agree?
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    There are many things which are beyond our control but still it seems rather awkward to say that 'health is by chance'.

    There are many diseases which are genetic in nature e.g. diabetes but still conscience people take pains to manage the same and live a fruitful life.

    However, the fact remains that even if one takes all possible precautions, still infirmities of old age and ultimately the death cannot be avoided.

    Despite the fact that death is inevitable and no one knows as to when death will come, taking due care like doing physical exercise regularly, avoiding intoxicating substances, taking healthy diet etc. do matters.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    To some extent it is correct. Health may be by chance. But thinking like that and not caring for good health is not a good attitude. We have to be careful about our health and we should know what are the DOs and Don'ts for having a good health. By having good eating habits and having a good routine of exercises like walking or running depending on the age, maintaining clean surroundings and having good habits will see that your health will be good and it is under control. Even after taking all these precautions also some diseases may hunt you as hereditary. By having a controlled activity one can maintain a good health and the chances of getting a disease are very remote.
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    There are people who are carefree, enjoy their food and drink and seem to live happily. At the same time, we see people who lead a simple life, maintain their lifestyle and body well, fall prey to illness and chronic diseases.

    This to me, means that health could be by chance or is multi-factorial. There would be many factors that determine the health of an individual.

    For instance, a fit looking person who is diet and health conscious may have bad genes that he inherits from his family and develops diabetes or heart disease at a very young age. A thin built relatively healthy person may succumb sooner due to intense stress in life when compared to a happy relatively overweight person.

    So, even if we believe 'health is by chance', we should say and practice that 'health is by choice'.

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