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    Why is there a sudden increasing need for policing in forum?

    Recently, of late we have been having responses with 0 or just 1 point. Many threads needing to be locked. Inappropriate comments or replies being posted.

    Are the standarards in forum slipping down? Is there a general tendency of laxity creeping in the members.Is it the just due to a change due to presence of new members.

    In general, once we get used to something, it's human nature to forget the rules and to drop down our guard making way for errors and mistakes to creep in. Hope it settles soon.
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    It is always better to have a control. Otherwise, we will be making some mistakes by intention or without intention. These days many threads are being posted by various members and responses are coming. The practice of scrutinizing the threads and changing the points is a practice here. But the frequency might have increased due to the availability of the time to the concerned editor. It is always better to keep the quality of the responses also well. But when we post so many responses we may be doing some mistakes in a few cases and those few cases will be corrected by the Editors.
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    It is nothing but Sridevi's death that policing was made necessary in the forum. Since there is/was only one Sridevi to discuss about, ISC did not like too many threads homing to ISC forum with Sridevi, the queen who ruled every Indians heart by her art and act.
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