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    Discover the Talents Inside You

    We all have some inner talents which we need to discover. It is really hard to identify these brightest talents. Here are some tips that help you to discover the inner talents of you.

    1. First of all start looking at the things you have done in past from your childhood on wards. Sometimes this can help in revealing some of your deepest talents. Think about the things which made you happy, your hobbies etc.

    2. Think about toughest situations in your life and recollect what you have done in those situations to come out of the problem. This may help to reveal your hidden skills.

    3. Think about the things which you love to do and when people compliment on it.

    4. Think do any body asked for your help on any thing? You may not think of it as your talent but it probably is.

    5. Sometimes we take more time to do somethings and less time for some. And also one can complete faster than others. Their might be some inner talent to complete faster than other, We have to discover that.

    6. Have you never say "It will be easy if I do it" or "I will help you" to someone or do you find your self correcting people on some thing? Think about those situations.

    7. Look at your past and think about times you are successful. What you have done to get success? How you passed hurdles to get success? This can help you to discover a hidden talent you posses.

    8. Ask people around you, some times other people can find the talents inside you and yours strengths easily.

    9. You may have some basic skills, any skill you have can be turned into talent by practicing. Find that basic skills inside you.

    10. Try things you never tried before, sometimes we don't know what we are capable of unless we try.

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    A good thread giving various leads to knowing the talents and skills of the person by himself/herself. If we know what are our skills and talents we will work on those and try to improve further.
    When we certain things we feel that we have done it very easily and we feel very satisfied. Those acts can be taken as our skills. Somebody can complete the mathematical problems very fast. He may be talented in mathematics.
    It is required to find to our own skills and we should go on sharpening the axe for upkeeping our talents and skills.

    always confident

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    Some times childhood talents cannot be brought forward when we grow up. Touch problems faced during child days are the lesson and stepping stone for future. During childhood we generally receive complements but not complaints. During childhood, people generally wont ask for help from us. Some children are gifted to read fast, write fast and understand fast. And that depends on every child being nurtured. During as a child we may not have guts to say others that we will help them. When success is achieved, you are applauded and when failure happens we are cursed. People though finds good talent in us, they wont reveal. Yes basic skills we acquire during childhood becomes a talent later. Trying the things is the best way to bring us our inner talent. Nevertheless the authors has created a good thread supporting the tow topic.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Famous quote says "Slow & Steady Wins The Race". Like wise there are numerous instances can be found in a real life scenario. Latest could be of someone used to be the tea seller who later became the 16th and current Prime Minister of India. Another one could of Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam better known as A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, was the 11th President of India from 2002 to 2007. used to sell newspapers. They had the high motives & dedications along with the consistency that they became the inspirations for the millions to come. For our current PM, he had never had the best of education but currently the best of speakers in the Indian Politics.

    Success or failure doesn't depend on any one feature or characteristic of a person but on a combination of factors & when these factors are combined on a bast possible way then the person become prone to grown big.

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    Yes their are many persons like PM Modi, A.P.J Abdul Kalam who have reached to heights through their talent. And one more example is Super Star Rajini Kanth who used to be auto driver before. He is very well known for his style. I have read some where that super star use to practice things in different styles in front of mirror before entering into films. He discovered that his talent is style and started practicing it which indirectly helped him to reach this level. Now he have many fans who admire his style. Like that we have know our own skills and talents and use them to reach our goals.

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    A good use of 'discover' by the author, it is not easy to discover their own talent. Talent is often discovered by our teachers, our parents, our coaches. When faced with a sudden unexpected situation, we would have discovered some aspects of our hidden talents.
    All of us would have some talents that are just waiting to be discovered and after that, we need to nurture it. Talent need not always help us to earn money.

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