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    Discover good characteristics in every person

    Every human being has two types of characters. Some good characters and some bad characters. We always try to see bad characters of a person whereas he has some good character also. We do not bother to see that good characters of the person. If we see that good characters of a person, we can learn many things from them. For example, Ravana is considered as a bad mythological character but we know that he was a great scholar and was a brave person. So why shouldn't we discover some good characteristics in every person and why shouldn't we learn something from them?
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    It is good that one should have the positive attitude of find good in other person and try to imbibe these good qualities. That will make you much better human being. Instead of that seeing his bad qualities and criticizing him is waste of our time and we don't have any benefits.
    So always try to see good in others not bad.

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    Any one in this society has got negative as well as positive aspects for which he or she is being recognized. The image of the person depends upon the excess of the above two. The person having more good qualities would be remembered for good while the case would be visa versa if the scenario is opposite.

    In the case of great king Ravana, his image is supposed to be not on a good side although the Rama had himself admitted that he was a great king as his state was a prosperous & he was also a good administrator & also the biggest Shiva devotee ever lived on this planet. Having said that, it is now told that he got killed as he kidnapped Sita. Now, interestingly & if we could think on the other side then Ravana was aware of the Rama as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. So he sent all his brothers & relatives that he liked most to the battlefield. So in case if they killed they be allotted Moksha. He never intended to go to the battlefield as if he killed then the whole war would come to an end. He chose the battlefield when everyone was killed. And we never thought of this side.

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    We normally discard to recognise good characters in a person if he tends to fault even in one way of living and thus he his branded as bad and never gets the good person tag. As you said Ravana is a good person until he abducted Sita. He was a good administrator, great devotee of Lord Shiva, he knows the best administration and Sri Lanka was never under famine during his rule. Only after Sita got abducted, people started talking ill about him. Otherwise, there was no demon king who can surpass his popularity and strength. So good characters about Ravana are never discussed and his abduction only mentioned.
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    Yes, it is true that all of us have a mix of good and bad characteristics. However, the proportion of these good and bad characteristics varies from person to person which makes them being categorised either as a 'good' or a 'bad' person. A person with predominately bad characteristics is labelled as a 'bad' character despite having few good characteristics also. Categorisation of Ravana as a 'bad' character only and not as a 'good' character despite having few good characteristics is because of the fact the his bad characteristics overshadowed his good characteristics.

    As far as the tendency to see only bad characteristics in others, it is a subjective phenomenon. People with positive attitude see only the good characteristics even in a bad character whereas the people with negative attitude see only bad characteristics even in a good person.

    Take the example of Karna in Mahabharata. Was he a bad character?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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