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    Do you know the real guru.

    We hear about Gurukul schools where the Guru and disciple relations was existing. These days we all think that all teachers are Gurus. But It may not be true in its true sense. A teacher is one who provides knowledge to you. This knowledge you can get by reading a book. So you can replace a knowledge provider with a book.
    The knowledge makes you more proud and egoistic. That means a teacher makes you more proud and egoistic.
    But a guru is one who makes you realise yourself. He is one who brings realisation to you. This realisation will puncture your ego and make to stand straight. A guru makes you open your mind and constructs you. We find many knowledge providers but rarely gurus these days.
    I like to know the ideas of other knowledgeable members of the ISC.
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    It is really a good thread that in this age, we could not find any real guru. In my case, I have found a real guru who teaches me everything about life. I am Dawoodi Bohra, though many of us do not know Dawoodi Bohra. Our religious head Dr Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin Saheb always teaches us how to live a good life and how to maintain good relations with others. In the present scenario, it is very important to maintain good relations with other community. My real guru always teaches me to live a good life.
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    Truely speaking. I do not have a person to be called as my Guru. To me, My good father was a guru until I reached a stage. During my school days, I never attended any tuition class or special class. My teachers were just teachers not Gurus. They taught me what was written in the books. Thereafter I am a Guru to myself. I learned things on my own without anyone's help or advice. I joined an institution to earn on my own interest and initiative. I learned my job and survived, and retired. Today I take pension without any tension.
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    Actually speaking who are giving us the new knowledge can be called guru. But we wont accept it. We think they are saying to us out of their duty to do so or having a passion to share information. Right from the mother, brother, sister and even the relatives and then teachers are gurus to us as at every point of time in life we are taught some thing or the other. Even the neighbour teaching us mannerism can be taken as guru. But we wont give credit to those who teach us different things in life. We never bow our head to others who are teaching us the intricacies of life and that is our big draw back.
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    The real meaning of the word 'Guru' is 'one who removes our inside darkness'. Moreover a real guru is a person
    1. who teaches all he learnt.
    2.who does not expect anything from disciple
    3.who do not have bias.
    In Spiritual Science, Guru is the mediater between seeker and God/Paramatma. In the story of Mahabali, the king Mahabali was prevented by his raja guru Sukrachariar when he was ready to fulfilling his offer to the Vamana, avatar of Maha vishnu. He took a form of insect and prevent the pouring of water from the holy jug (kamandal). By knowing this Mahavishnu pierce the passage hole ,remove the insect and finished His purpose of Avatar. On realising that the Vamana as Mahavishnu,in that situation too appreciated his raja guru Sukrachariar as 'real guru' as he showed the God to him.

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    Similar to how we cannot find true Gurus, we also cannot find true disciples. The Guru is the present day teacher and the disciple in the present day student. With the passage of time, both have changed over the years and hence their views, perceptions, and roles. If you look at the definition of 'Guru" in dictionaries ( Oxford/Collins), it's a 'Teacher', either spiritual or influential which still holds good.

    I would disagree with the view that knowledge makes us proud and egoistic. Certainly not, in fact, it would be the opposite, knowledge makes us more mature, more balanced and more humble as we realize there is so much more to learn from life and the world.

    A teacher and even to a good extent the parents will enable a child to realize it's self and potentials, after that the role is taken over my life. The experiences of life make us realize how good or bad we are, how vast or how little our knowledge is. So, for us, our Gurus would be teachers, family members and life itself.

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    Generally speaking there are no 'Gurus' these days in its real sense. There may be exceptions, but I don't know about them.

    The teaching profession has become totally commercial and everything related to education is being weighed in terms of the paying capacity of the students or their parents. One can buy any kind of fancy degree, including a medical degree on payment basis.

    One the other hand there is another genre of 'Gurus' like Baba Ram Rahim, Asharam Bapu etc. Even Baba Ramdev appears to have a commercial interest.

    We can treat persons like Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam as our gurus and try to learn from them.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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