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(Special Prize Winner of the TOW contest for the week 25th Feb-3rd Mar'18 on topic - Discover)
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    Discover the new personality: Know your adolescent child

    Only a few years back he was born. You took him in your lap. You taught him to walk. On the first day of school, he held your hand nervously. You taught him to play football and cricket. You taught him Arithmetic and English.

    But now, all of a sudden, he has changed. His voice has started breaking. You can see the light beard on his chin. He spends more time with his friends. He sleeps alone. He no longer plays with you. He listens to music which you don't understand. He no longer shares with you his conversation with his friends.

    When she was born, she used to close her eyes in the light. You put your hand on her curly hairs and she slept. She used to ask you to tell fairy tales. You purchased her dolls, she was delighted. On the first day of school, she anxiously asked you about the teacher. She asked you to share her food. She used to show her gradings given by the teacher. You took her to the park to show the birds. When she was unwell, she used to ask you to sit beside her. She used to cry when you started for office.

    But now, she has changed. She doesn't ask for chocolate when you return from office. She has been conscious about her dress. She no longer plays with the dolls. She talks more frequently with her friends. Her interaction with her mother is much more than with you. She doesn't ask you to tell fairy tales. She reads books which you don't understand. But occasionally she cooks new food-items for you.

    Your child has grown up. Discover the new personality. Understand your adolescent child.

    (Competition entry for ToW contest)
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    The transition of a small child to a grown up boy was well described by the author in this Tow topic. Parents always think that the boy is still child and wont allow him to take independent decision nor send him alone to fetch something and buy something for him. Such is the nurture of some parents that even their personal needs are attended by the parents and thus the boy or girl never went to shopping for their personal accessories and needs. Such nurturing is not good. As the boy tends to reach teen age, his preference, his way of behaviour tends to change and we must understand that.
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    Well written Mr. Partha, as I read through, I just felt a sense of incompleteness, maybe that incompleteness make this entry even more complete.

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    The change in the behaviour of the child as he/she grows up is explained well by the author. The parent's behaviour and expectations should also change as per the age of the child. When the son is above 18 years we should treat him as a friend but not as a son. This is what told in the books. The change is inevitable. Accept and go accordingly. Expecting the same behaviour from the child always will be a fault of the parents, I think.
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    A good write up about how a girl transforms into a woman and how a boy into a man. Many parents are unable to understand the change in the teens/youthful phase of their children. Children at this age need freedom, privacy, and independence.
    This phase is more of discovering or understanding the changed child, learn to give and take rather than being strict or enforcing rules. Treating them as friends and ignoring some of the new behaviours helps parents too.

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    What a nice post by Mr Partha. I really appreciate your writing. When I was reading this thread, I remembered the first day of school of my children. It is like happening with me. Really it is necessary for parents to discover new personality in their teenage or adolescent children. This is the age of anger and excitement. They face many problems. So, parents should understand these problems and try to solve them. In this age, you have to behave like a friend with your children.

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