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    Sharing notes on WhatsApp a bad practice in parents

    Do you encourage your child to get notes via WhatsApp when your child is absent from school? Is it proper for parents to encourage the practice of sharing notes in this manner instead of directly from the friends at the school itself?

    In today's generation gadgets have become very essential in our daily life. But such necessities should not be a practice for children or kids. Why I am raising this because today in my child's school a parent asked me to send the notes in whats app right from the beginning of notes without any pleasing manner. I just asked her why your child had not come to school? She Replied "He had, but his notes are incomplete "- with a big smile. Later I just mentioned I will when I am free. But immediately she asked are you working or a housewife? The discussion continued and then ultimately I just escaped by saying I don't have data pack in my cell.

    Actually, I do send notes to most of the parents of my kids class but today I rejected because she didn't have any pleasing manners so to speak.

    The purpose for raising it in the forum is that is it not a bad practice that we are cultivating in children that if their notes are incomplete then we can copy it from WhatsApp at the time of examination?. If our child has incomplete notes that day then it is our duty to see that our child completes the notes next day by referring to his friends' notes in school. Taking via WhatsApp can be done once or twice or if you are absent from school but it should not be a regular practice to our children. As a responsible parent, we should teach our kids to complete the notes then and there and not keep it incomplete or complete it during the examination.

    This is my perception * I would like to know ISC members' views.
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    It is true. Many times the parents are inculcating these bad habits to their children. In my school days if a student is doing a mistake the teachers used to punish very severely. If we go and complain in the house, the parents used to say that why unnecessarily the teacher will punish you only. You might have done something wrong. So don't repeat such mistakes. This is the reply we were getting from the parents. But these days the teachers have no right to punish the students. The change is a sea change. The parents should never talk against the teacher in presence of the children is not a good practice. But many parents won't realise this. At the same time, some teachers also behaving in such a way that they can't command respect from the students. They are also doing some mistakes. So they should be an overall introspection among parents and teachers. They should ultimately act for the benefit of the students.
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    This may be tolerated in one way but many parents do not follow whether their children does home work regularly or not, they donot contact the teachers either by timelessness or by lethargic. The children also do not tell the parents on their getting bulb in school as to avoid second bulb from them.

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    Yes teachers are also responsible not all but few. Some teachers instruct the child to send notes to a particular child from your parents cell. This also happened in my child's class. But As I am a teacher I never tell my students to copy from whats app or send notes to other child through whats app. I always tell them to complete notes in class or else copy from your friend that too only once not always.

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    Yes. Parents are the culprits who spoil their children. Apart from the incident you have quoted, I had bitter experiences. My neighbour girl studying in 2nd std is heavily loaded with project works. Such project works cannot be done by her parents. They always directs her to me to complete the project work. Since I have time to spare, I used to help her in doing her project. But how long? When will the child learn to complete her project on her own? At last, I got annoyed and said,"Let your parents do the job for you. I cannot do it. You should do it yourself." She cried but did not come back to me. I also requested her parents to help her in project works as much as possible.
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    Children get good, average or bad parents through their luck. At the time of their birth, they don't know anything and learn everything from scratch mostly from their parents only, to begin with. Learning from others including teachers, classmates and neighbourhood friends etc. come much later after completing certain age.

    Thus we can see that it is totally the responsibility of the parents to take care of their children in best possible manner and inculcate in them the best possible values.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Often, the language and tone of conversation on what's app are very informal. Some like me will find it difficult to get used to. I think this could the same with the author.

    At times people can be rude or insensitive. Some parents have a concept that once fees are paid, it's the duty o the school and class teacher to do everything, here the teacher has to bear the brunt of the disrespectful attitude.

    Some are busy and overworked that they don't find time to check the books and end up asking for help just before exam time. Such parents are usually kind enough to be well mannered.

    Lastly, children have too much on their minds and too many assignments to be completed. So, kids who are average or students who get easily distracted often have incomplete notes for which parents have to seek help to get it completed before the exams start.

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    My daughter is going to appear in CBSE XIIth Board examination from tomorrow. I am presently on leave. For the last 15 days or so, I have been watching that students (friends) are exchanging notes and questions on various chapters on all subjects, especially Science subjects. In this way, they are also helping each other in understanding the topics, by innovative and constructive use of Whatsapp.

    I do not support or oppose it. It is a new phenomenon for me.

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    First of all we should discourage the student from being absent to school. But for the health reasons there can be genuine absence, and it that case the next working day the parent must go with the child and ask for the portions taught and write the notes for the child. Why because for the student it would be double task to write the pending notes and the present notes. As far as possible taking notes from other student by whats app should not be encouraged as the teacher noting would be far better than each child writes the same on his own. So better take teachers help personally.
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    I am glad to see many members putting up their valuable views in this matter. So I have created a poll in this matter please cast your valuable votes.
    Sharing notes in whatsapp

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    The Author has mentioned - "Actually, I do send notes to most of the parents of my kids class but today I rejected because she didn't have any pleasing manners so to speak."

    It shows that the author is in habit of sending notes to other parents via whatsapp. Now, it is rejected because there was no "pleasing" manner from other side! Had it been pleasing, the author might have send it to her too. And, then there would not be a scope to raise this thread.

    Coming to the topic, the time is changing fast and so our life style. I find it no wrong if sharing notes help to any student. The thing is even we share it, it is totally depend on the students as how they they do their hard work. Only sharing notes not going to help them unless they work on it. So, I find it truly a new way to help our kids.

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