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    Good approach of a grocery vendor,to be followed by everyone

    When I was waiting in a grocery shop of our area for my turn,one young girl came in a society,told the shopwala by extending a list,'uncle,mummy asked to send these items to our home'. The ship man gave her the list back by asking her to write the and address of them on the backside.I told him why did not ask the same and write. The answer told by him makes me think and follow. He told,'sir,this is is common place, if I asked the name or address the same may be misused by miscreants by overhearing.
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    A good understanding by the grocery shop keeper. But I don't understand the phrase - "One young girl came in a society." What is that society, Ramu?
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    That is a good gesture by the grocery vendor. Another point is if he asks her she will tell the answer. He has to hear it and write. That means both of them has to be on the same job for some time, maybe few minutes. If he is not able to understand her properly there may be a chance for writing wrongly. By the time that girl writes and gives back the vendor can take care of another customer. The chances of writing wrong will also be not there. That is how the vendor got multiple advantages by his clever thinking. At the same time, the girl also can rest assured that the material will come to her address clearly as the address has been written by her. The way the shopkeeper selected is very apt and very precise.
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    Some people go to such minute details. It is really very impressive to hear such thing from a shopkeeper or salesman.

    These small things or rather say subtleties of our day to day life may look insignificant but yes, to be on safe side and to protect our children from miscreants and criminals, these are required.

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    Sorry sun ji,typographic error. Not society but scooty.

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    Very good sense of humor by the vendor which is very essential in the recent generation. Such shop vendor are very rare in the society.

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    All successful shopkeepers/vendors have few good practices which make them popular in the neighbourhood and help them in attracting more customers and thus further their business also. Generally, the shopkeepers/vendors based in a residential colony cater to the needs of that specific area only and over a period to time become known to everybody in the neighbourhood.

    Just opposite my house in Lucknow, there is a small shop across the road who acts as my neighbour also. Though we shop only few things like milk, bread, eggs etc, from him but he is very helpful to us as a neighbour. He sometimes advises us even not to take a certain thing though available in his shop,

    The example cited by the author of the thread has many dimensions as discussed by the other ISCians in their responses.

    Very very long back, I had learnt from a shopkeeper only to immediately jot down anything which has to be bought from market, instead of relying only on memorising it.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Good practice. I have seen similar situation in a shop nearby to us. They do mobile recharge too. He will always ask the customer to write the phone number in separate piece of paper and give it in hand. He also gave the same reply, when my grand father was in hurry for next work. Whoever it is, whatever situation u r does n't matter sir, please give your number in piece of paper.

    He will not give his recharge account note book also, to anyone to write their name, number and amount to write directly. He will collect it separate paper only.

    The reason is same:
    Not to mistake the number and amount.
    To avoid data theft and misusing numbers.

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    These small businesses survive by their good nature, effectiveness and quality of service. The grocery shop vendor here sounds like one who has been around for some time and has the trust of homes nearby.
    It's a simple step to verify that the address and items requested are correct so that the client cannot later say that I didn't ask for this or that.
    It is also a good step to ensure data safety at the basic level. Such small tips work very well for these one-man shops or vendors who rely more on handwritten notes from various people.
    I have also noticed at times when a particular home has a lot a balance to be paid and the children/maid goes to buy items, the shopkeeper will just pass a message 'ask madam or sir to come, I'll speak to them'. This is a polite way for others not to know that a particular house has balance money unpaid to a small shop.

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