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    It is very necessary to discover the new ways of employment.

    Since the rice of independence, India has been facing the various problem, but the most serious problem of India is unemployment. This problem has been increasing year by year. the government of India try to solve this problem by five-year planning and various schemes but the population is increasing and due to this problem it is not possible to provide jobs to every citizen. Also the production of too many things, the result is too many useless people. so, it is very necessary to discover new ways of employment. Members, please share your opinion in this thread.
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    By employment, people generally mean getting a job in a Government organization or in a good paying reputed company in the private sector. Such people fail to realise that the employment includes 'self-employment' also.

    With the increase in the population, demand for all kinds of goods and services is increasing. Any enterprising and hardworking individual can take advantage of the situation and start his/her own venture.

    By learning skilled jobs like that of a technician, perhaps one can earn much more than an individual possessing an engineering degree from a nondescript college located in a remote area.

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    Good thought from the author connecting to the tow topic. Yes instead of depending on the single employment and single earning, there must be zeal within us to spread out and seek extra earnings which comes in many ways. For those who have the niche of telling tuition they can do so in spare hours and thus earn some decent extra money. Those who have the stitching habit, they can create some new designs from the available clothes. Those who have the niche of cooking new items and tasty foods, they can start hotel from home business and arrange door delivery of good food through some arrangements as most of the senior citizens have money, but cannot cook, they want good food but wont get. So such customers are sure customers and they wont mind even giving extra amount for good food daily.
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    A genuine problem what our country is facing from last so many years. Everybody wants to get a good and stable job. But I feel public should look for other alternatives for self-employment. This will make the individual help others by providing the jobs to them. Entrepreneurship is to be developed in the youth and they should think of sustaining themselves. Then only this problem can be sorted out. We should be able to create work for ourselves. I know students working as paperboys and I know unemployed graduates working in petrol bunks in the cities.
    People should not expect a white-collar job for all. They should try to develop technical skills which will give them more chances to get a job or they can start their own workshop.

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    Problem lies in our inherent concept. We are of the opinion that an educated youth having specialisation in various fields are supposed to take white coloured jobs advertised by the various agencies including private and public sectors. These youths are the products of no one institutions like IIT, IMM, IIIT and so on where much emphasis was given on the strengthening their skills in some specialised fields. There was a total transformation in their mental make up resulting in their ignorance of the vast oppurtunities where they could be suitably employed. There is a lot of demands of educated youths in the rural areas where they can contribute to reshaping the kids in different educational activities though this would not allow them for huge earning but with such involvement even for a year by these youths would go a long way in nurturing the talents of the needy kids. They can establish coaching classes in different subjects covering the courses of class ten and twelve where they can achieve both - abundant money by a way of teaching and inner satisfaction with such assignments.
    There exists scopes in almost all direction such as in the field of cooking, fashion- designing, selling of milk in a bulk way etc. They need to shed their hesitation for the larger interest of the nation and at the same time they would be fit in their chosen fields.

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    We speak of unemployment yet since we got independence in 1947, we have been repeatedly in the same discussion. There is one more interesting term called, "under-employment", which is when a person does not get a full time work, it is called under-employment. For our record, unemployment or under-employment in India is a social issue and these records in India are kept by the Ministry of Labor and Employment of India.

    It is to be noted that already & in the various government offices the vacancies are still not given occupation yet. Means to the unemployment status these can be used as the major employment booster which is not being done which might be the lack of interest or the lack of fund or could be anything else. The alternative ways then left in the private jobs only which can't be guaranteed by any government offices. So for private jobs more developmental activities needs to be performed.

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