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    Discover Why God needs weapons?

    Should the Gods we worship have deadly weapons in their hand? God should be a peace lover. God should tactfully solve all our problems in a satyagrah way. Lord Shiva holds a Trishul. Lord Vishnu holds a Sudharsana chakra. And almost all male Gods hold some or other weapon in their hand. Is it right? Also Goddess Durga holds deadly weapons, and is looking serious with a blood shed. Why?

    Members, give a good thought to discover it. Can the intelligent lot of ISC throw some light on the subject?

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    A very good question from Mr. SuN! I think weapons are the symbols of destruction-destruction of evils. If the Gods and Goddesses don't destroy the evils, then how can they create good? Even if good is created without destroying the evil, evil will create the obstruction to the full blossoming of good.
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    It is very simple. All these Gods are created by man based on his experience and ideas. No body has seen any of these Gods (?). Their forms are created by certain artists or sculptors. So such weapons are given into their hands.
    In earlier periods when the first human beings came into being their enemies were other animals. The first human had to fight with them. Hence some sort of weapon was a must for everybody. Hence they could not think of a man or woman without a weapon in hand. Hence these came into being and is being continued.
    This is my way of thinking.

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    An interesting tread, I've prayed for blessings but never wondered why weapons are needed.

    In Hindu culture, religion and mythology (of other faiths), the beliefs, teachings and core values would be centered around Good vs Bad, Divine vs Evil. Divine would be God, Lord or Almighty, Evil would be demons, spirits or devil.

    In the battle of good vs bad, God has to be strong in order to defeat or kill the demons. So, divine forms have grace and power, while in one hand they bless, the other hand or hands would have thrishool, mace, or vel etc.

    We still celebrate the same fights of good vs evil, for instance during Dussehra, we have effigies wherein Lord Rama kills the demon Ravana. In many South Indian temple, during Soora-samharam, Lord Murugan killing Simamughan and Soorapadman is enacted.

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    From the above responses, what I understand is - God is not the superior one. If there are two things, one is good God like Shiva,Vishnu, Kali, Ganapathy and Murugan, and the others are bad Gods like Sura Padman, Ravanan and Singmugan and the devils etc. Hence there should be a superior unknown and invisible God who created this good and bad Gods.

    I agree with Mr. TMS that man created the figure of Gods. And the good God who created this universe need not fight with the evils created by the same God.

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    Yes, we do depict deities Krishna, Kali, Shiva, Indra, Rama and Hanuman equipped with Sudarshan Chakra, Spear/Trishul, Trishul, Vajra, Bow/Arrow and Gada respectively.

    The deities have super powers. They had to fight with demons to annihilate them who also had super powers. Since nobody has physically seen the deities, their pictures were based on human imagination who equipped them with weapons since they generally knew no other way of fighting except by use of weapons.

    Nowadays, we have deadlier weapons like Intercontinental Missiles equipped with nuclear warheads often mentioned by Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea. None of the deities were depicted equipped with such modern weapons as they were visualised in the past when modern weapons were not in existence.

    To sum-up, the mythological stories and pictures are figments of imaginations only.

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    Its easy for us, living in 21st century, with all luxuries and advocating peace. But we often forget that only 200 years of human history has seen peace(world peace).
    These are the most peaceful times.
    But were ancient times the same?
    Absolutely not. All the polytheistic gods have weapons in their arsenal.

    Why? Because many empires were pagan empires. They not only pitted against each other but also their gods.
    If I won over you, in ancient world it meant my gods are better than yours.

    This is why gods have weapons. Because in the beginning of civilisation man worshipped gods of war and fertility mostly.
    Moreover as others suggested, the weapons give rise to heroic deeds and stories of gods which give the devotees a sense of security.

    But this trend was diminished in monotheistic belief. Allah/Yahweh never weilded any weapon.
    "God loves you", was advocated for the first time and the God was given absolute power like never before.
    The truly invincible and unparalleled God needed no weapons.

    Such is the story of gods and their weapons.

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    #627884 -'......only 200 years of human history has seen peace(world peace).'

    Which 200 years?
    Last 200 years have seen two world wars, war in Afghanistan, Iraq war, war in Somalia, Gaza war, Russian revolution, Mexican revolution, Turkish war of independence, Irish war of Independence, Russian civil war, Chinese civil war, Spanish civil war, American civil war etc., to name a few as examples.

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    #627897.Mr.SuN, I don't think people will accept seeing God with modern dresses etc ( I've seen Ganapathi idols in such fashion). Devout people or sects would object to it, recently, there was a temple in TamilNadu, where the priests did an alankaram for a Goddess in Chudidhar, they were suspended after devotees objected.

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    India is a peace-loving country. India advocates peace to all other countries. But India makes various missiles and ammunition. India imports ammunition. Why? It is for self-defence. Whether required or not it is better to have the weapons so that any emergency may come and we may require them.When we go out for a morning walk generally we will not have any plans of purchasing something. But we will carry our purse with us. Why? Any necessity may arise. You may like to purchase something or you may like to have a cup of coffee.
    Similarly, God also requires some weapons with him to use in case of Emergency. He may not use it but he will carry it.
    Another point is all the figures of Gods are imaginary. No one knows how he will be? So somebody gave an imaginary shape to him and the same is followed by all.

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    Dr. Rao,
    God himself is the combination of both good and evil. The good and evil are His asset and are His creations. It is like his two eyes. Why should He have weapons to destroy one and allow the other to live? The God who has good Devas has also the bad Asuras.

    Funny to read that God requires weapons for emergency use. God need not use His weapons but his powerful magical hands only to stop the evil.

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    God also will have emergencies and he also requires weapons for that. If you read Gajendra Moksham In Mahabhagavatam you will understand that. As soon as Lord Vishnu heard the prayer of the elephant he rushed to the spot even without telling Lakshmi Devi. That is an emergency only. If he delays the elephant will die at the hands of the crocodile. So he rushed. The poet has explained the situation very well. He says he just got up from his seat and started. After going there he has to use his Sudarshan Chakra to kill the crocodile. Then he called and Sudarshan Chakra came there immediately. Lord used that weapon and killed the crocodile. So this story may also look funny to you I think. But to substantiate my use of word emergency and requirement of weapon to God I have mentioned this to you.

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    Dr Rao,
    God should have some magical power and authority. God should not use weapons or manhandle human beings and animal beings. God should think and destroy the evil mentally, not to fight physically. The creator should not be in a confusion to handle the situation through a weapon. He should sit and act. He should despatch his power to destroy the evil force if any. God should never roam around.

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    These idols are man made forms & scriptures & not the truth. We made them as per our understanding & comfort. So here this starts with the superstition also. I never got the understanding of why the creator of this whole cosmos need the weapons to show about how powerful He or She is. As I came to know that the idols were created in order for the sages to meditate as we always required something to think upon. The creativity without a form is difficult to think about but on the other hand with a certain form this becomes easy.

    The Vedic principles doesn't form any idol but believe on the ground that the God is shapeless or free of anything yet everywhere. This should be true & rest is a myth.

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    But many of our Puranas say that the God also born with different names at different times and he has taken all the troubles like a human being to punish the evil persons. The Rama is a God. He has taken many troubles like a human being and he has taken the help of Vanaras and physically fought with Ravana and killed him. Similarly, Lord Krishna went to the battlefield with Satyabhama and fought with Narakasura physically and killed him. Like this, there are many examples to say that the God is physically present and used weapons to kill evil forces.
    But anyone can say these are all stories and no one has seen the God. I agree and I strongly believe that the Puranas are real. Of course, everyone will have their own beliefs and there is no point in exchanging our views further on this topic I feel. With that, I call it a stop from my side.

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    Dr. Rao,
    They are not Gods. But the incoranation of Gods in the human form holding weapons in their hand. They are the stories made up about Gods. Such stories are incomplete.
    In that case - How did Rama die? How did Krishna die?
    Is there any further story continued to tell the end of Rama of Ramayana & Krishna of Mahabharatha?

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    'Brahmastra' was an 'Intercontinental Missile' loaded with nuclear warheads. Once fired, it could not be taken back, only its direction could be changed like what Krishna did in the case of 'Brahmastra' fired by Ashwathama to destroy Parikshit in the womb of Uttara.
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    The author must know that the God is supreme and has the ability to control everything by just stopping the bad thing to happen before hand as he is aware of the future. But to have a fear complex in the mind of mankind and human being , each God holds a weapon so that fear feeling should exist in the devotee mind that he should do no wrong. When the Gods are approached for favour and boon, the same God can also give punishment and create challenging phase. So we the human beings are at the mercy of God we pray and thus be benevolent for ever and seek his intervention in good and bad times.
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    Holding a weapon in hand is an attitude of Negativity. God being the supreme who can handle things without any weapon should not hold weapon and look like a villain to fight. He should be a Shantha Swaroopi ( Man of peace). In that respect, I like the look of Lord Buddha & Lord Mahaveer.
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    ''Holding a weapon in hand is an attitude of Negativity.''-I never agree. Destroying the evil is a virtuous act, it is not associated with negativity.
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