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    Our News Stand For What?

    Just a two days back we came to know that, "At least nine schoolchildren of a government middle school in Bihar's Muzaffarpur district were crushed to death by a speeding SUV when they were about to cross National Highway 77 after school on February 24, 2018". We had update for some time then our news stand shifted to the death of Sridevi, the Bolywood actress. The news now just moves around about what happened to her consisting of each & every details like how she danced, What she ate, that she never used to drink, other politicians have also involved themselves into this.. Including how the dead body has been brought to India & so on. Have we forgot about the case of lost driving killing nine children while the rest are still critical.

    Do you feel the driver supposed to be the member of the current ruling party in state as well as in center too would be convicted or would be released on baseless charges on account of lack of evidence.
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    Generally, the politicians and his followers escape from any criminal cases with the influence of the political party. If the accused is a member from a ruling party, there is no question of booking and filing FIR. They know the route to get away and escape.
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    The CBI court had declared on Dec 21, 2017 that there is no evidence to prosecute the accused and acquitted all accused personnels in the 2G spectrum case.

    According to media reports, many people are skeptical about the judgement.

    I have cited that above case just to substantiate the point raised by the author of the thread.

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    It is true our new media is very partial. They overdo some issues and they never bother about some issues. Last three days the newspapers are giving coverage of Sridevi's death story and other details of her pages together.
    The case you are referring may be an accident involving people at very high offices or having very close relations with politicians and police personnel. In India, there are many ways to escape from the law. The Law is having only ears but not eyes. Police people can turn the cases as they like. It is a general issue I am telling. But I don't what happened in that particular case which you are referring.

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    Yes, our media is not impartial they always telecast news according to political parties. Different News channel telecasts the news which is beneficial to certain political parties.
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    There is no doubt that some of the media houses in India are very partial. This trend was first noticed during the early nineties. With the passage of time, this trend started increasing and reached its zenith during 2004-10. Most of the media at that time had a clear tilting towards Congress and left parties. As a reaction, when the present Government came to power in 2014, some of the media houses have started tilting towards it.

    As a result of this competitive biases, the real/impartial news are getting neglected.

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    It is unfortunate that our news channels and news papers give more preference for celebrities and thus the death of school children was never covered in full where as special reports on Sridevi's death has been widely shown on every news channel. Today Shankarmutt Pontiff Jayendra Saraswathi also passed away. Except some whats app messages we are not finding any channel covering this news. But the last funeral procession of Sridevi is shown live and no other news is entertained. Why the media has become so crazy and forget their basic duty that they must report all the news that happens.
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    News channels and media houses are running their business based on TRP. They will telecast and show only those programs which attract good viewership. They are in fact not bothered about the ethics of journalism.

    It may be a unfortunate thing but it is true that very few channels are honest and bold in their depiction of the incidents in the country. Other channels are biased and influenced by the political parties.

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    The true purpose of the fourth estate in society has changed drastically. Press, news, journalism always stands for truth, accuracy and timely reporting respecting the sensitive issues related to it.

    Sadly, the present day media has to justify its existence based on TRP, viewership etc. In such cases, the media houses and anchors have to rely on glamour and sensationalism.

    During the recent death of the well-known actress, some channels were so insensitive that the known names in the film circles came down heavily in criticising the channels.

    The political parties and influential people are also to blame, as these people modify what is reported when and how. Ultimately, the charm and appeal of a true news article or a report in lost, this is a loss that is felt by the viewers who can't do much other than changing the channels.

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