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    Discover your origin

    A question may arise, why should we know our origin?

    Scientifically, the DNA quality of a person get transferred in diminishing rate to next 7 generations. Knowing the medical history and character behaviors of our grandparents help the coming generation to suppress the negative behaviors and genetic disorders from birth, either with medicine, food practices and by providing moral values.

    History is important: Many Foreseer predicts the future happenings in politics, business and even in climatic changes, says that they do so, with the help of history. Actor Kamalhassan, whenever he was asked about his movies depicting future happenings, said " Anyone with history and science knowledge would predict them well, because history always repeats".

    Now, we all talk about westernization and many of its bad impact on our lifestyle. We also say, British people in olden years did colonization and took control of our country. Now, they repeat in the name of Globalization, keep us in control with their business. So, History repeats.

    Now, we keep receiving forwards of home remedies to cure many number of diseases. Many are homeopathy, Sidha and Ayurveda. We talk about Martial arts, Karate from Japan, Kung fu from China. How many percentage of people are aware of Varma Kalai, originated in Southern India? We had everything, but we did not know many thing in detail now. No use in having the index of a book, without its contents. So, let us know our origin to find our knowldege treasure as well.

    How to know the origin?
    Good to see people coming up with last name(caste name) detachment practices. It brings neutrality and avoids stereotype of judgement on people. But, in the process of abolishing castes and religion, we also forego the good practices too?

    I don't say, one has to hold the caste system, but caste system is ONE OF THE WAYS to find the origin. It is a way of being connected to our origin. It is not necessary or just enough to have it with your name. But, discover where people of those caste lived in olden days, what was their food practices, whichever dynasties ruled those region, what God they worshiped and more.
    Because, History repeats, to survive as before, discover your origin.
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    Keeping track of previous generations doesn't require use of caste system. Generally, for such purpose, family tree or ancestry chart is maintained.

    Perhaps, the best way to find information about one's previous generations is to visit and contact 'pandas' of Gaya. They maintain chart of generations village wise as in the past it was a practice in north India to essentially visit Gaya for performing 'Pinddaan' ritual.

    As far as using caste name as surname is concerned, nowadays many persons are preferring to not to use the same. Moreover, nowadays many inter-caste, inter-region and even inter-religion marriages are taking place. There may or may not be any proven scientific reason for not marrying within the same 'gotra' but in many communities such notions are not existing.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is new to me to know the 'pandas' of Gaya. I agree to the fact that, many does not prefer to use caste as their sur name. I personally feel happy about it as well.
    More over, I mainly concerned about knowing the origin, rather than holding the caste system. In order to discover the origin, I felt, knowing one's caste will be helpful. That is my option. This thread welcomes all other possible options to discover our origin.

    Thanks for Kailash sir to tell about North Indian's practice in maintaining chart of generations.

    Sri Vetri
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    In our community after the death of the father, we as sons must perform the rituals every Amavasya and that is called Tarpanam. During that rituals we give our respect to the three generations. Like father and mother if dead, his father and mother and his grand father and mother. This really means that we have identified our origin and that expressly states our Gotram , their name etc. And now after my death , son would carry on the rituals by saying my name as first, my fathers name as second and my fathers parent name as the third. This way the generations are identified and discovered.
    K Mohan
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    Yes Mohan sir, I have seen this ritual. Many do it on the death thithi(tithi) of father every year. Of course, we get to know our forefathers. I have seen, in the tharapanam of mother, priest asks to tell the names of grand mother(3 generations), not the name of mother's mother, but mother's mother in law and her mother in law.
    Not many of us know the names and history of our family, more than 3 or 4 generations. Still, it is good to know that practice is still existing, at least we get to know till great grand parents.

    Sri Vetri
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    Very interesting. Few years back I started finding the origin and ancestors of my family. I was successful in doing it. I could gather the names of seven generations starting from the year 1800 A.D. I am a member from the fifth generation. The first second and third generation have passed away. Now we are giving birth to the seventh generation.

    I have prepared a family chart in Tamil and allotted a number called FASIN ( Family And Self Identification Number). My family ID number is 11141. My Father's ID is 1114. My grandfather's ID is 111. My great grand father's ID is -11. His father's ID is -1. My son's ID is 111411. The same is available as an article at ISC.

    @ To reach my article directly, "Just Click Here" and then click 'Family chart in Tamil'

    To reach the family chart in Tamil directly, pleaseClick Here.

    It is a family of seven branches of a tree. Each branch has been allotted the Rainbow colours 'VIBGYOR' . A star against the names indicates that they are no more.

    After viewing the family chart, Members can post their comments here.

    No life without Sun

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    @Sun sir, It is very interesting than the actual post of mine. Your article was in detail and gave a clear path with example to draw a family chart. Actually, this is what I expected, when I come up with this thread. I wish people to get such interest in finding their origin. I will keep your article as reference to prepare my family chart. Thanks for sharing.

    If interested, please provide, what made you to find and keep record of your family. This may add more valid reasons to discover one's origin. Basically, I am eager to know it.

    Sri Vetri
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    What made me to prepare a family chart? Here is the answer.

    While we conducted the Annual Pooja(Kodai Vizha) for our family deity VAST (VAST is a meaningful abbreviation of my temple name - Viswakula Arulmighu Sudalaimadaswamy Thirukkovil), there used to be quarrels and fights between the family members not knowing who they are, and their relationship with each other. Being a member from the same family, having the same blood running in them as cousin father, brother, son, etc, they used to address each other differently as Sir and Uncle. Such a situation made me to find who they are and how they are related.

    It took almost 20 years to find the members and prepare the chart. Whenever, I met my family elders, I used to enquire about their parents, grand parents and great grand parents. Luckily, the elders were available to me then, to prepare a tree. My father once indicated that there were seven brothers who brought the family deity and installed in our village. That information helped me to find the seven families, and I could be successful in tracing and recognizing the seven family branches. ( It may not be possible now as the third generation members have reached the heavenly abode) The chart is uptodate and perfect, and no one can try to join or get away from the chart.

    To know much about my temple - Just google 'Vast Udaiyathur'. I have also composed a Tamil song on my family deity(Nee Kann Kanda deivam swamiye...Engal Kulam kaakkum Madaswamiye) and posted in Tamil

    Also, you can click HERE to reach my temple VAST

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    I have created a family Chart of our family in Geni. I have started the chart with my father's grandfather, and gone up to my next generation and then added next to next generation also. If you see that chart there are almost 6 generations. This chart will have the family histories of the female members of the families. My wife's parents. her sisters, parent's brothers and sisters details are also given. Individuals who are interested in that tree has joined Geni given all their details.The birthday reminders, marriage day reminders will also come If we are interested we can upload our photos also. I have uploaded some photos also. I don't know it may be useful some future generation of our family.
    always confident

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    Dr. Rao,
    Would like to have a glance at your family chart. Kindly upload it and link it for us to view, if you can.

    No life without Sun

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    I will try but I am not sure whether I can upload that family tree from Geni site to this place. I have to take the help of somebody who knows how to do it. The Url is as given below.

    always confident

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    @Srinivasa Sir. Thanks for providing the link. It is good to know the online version of family trees. It helps in building family tree with individual's information too. Seems that Geni helps in finding people at different places, also to join their family tree with the help of last name.

    So, here is an online way to discover one's origin. Good thing about this family chart is, it provides the generation details of female too. To trace back to the lives of people, it is equally important to know the generations of both genders of the family.
    Caste system may fail, when it comes to inter caste, but this kind of family chart will help to discover the origin.

    Sri Vetri
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    @Sun sir, It is great to know the reason behind your research on bringing up family chart. PEACE.

    True that, when we know, who we are and with whom we are associated, we get more clarity towards the society we live. Some people think that family tree, grouping and all these things may bring a friction of differences among people. But the truth is the more we trace back, the more truth will be revealed, that is we are all united in one or the other way. Thus the humanity will also be strengthened.

    Sri Vetri
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    There are many such ways in which we are reminded or we remember our origins. In many Tamil families, the wedding invites will have the bridegroom's name with a suffix, grandson of Mr & Mrs.
    Soon after the wedding, the new couple has to visit some of the oldest living relatives ( often in the villages) to seek their blessings and know their eldest of the clan.
    My father often speaks of his grandparents and extolls their virtues, how they lived etc. Similarly, I do it now. In our sub-community we have an annual festival for the home diety for during which a book is provided with the names of the early members of each family, as far the memories of the families go.

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