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    Tale of a fake baba- I am not the saint you think I am

    I'm not the saint you think I am
    I'm setting a trap. Plotting a scam.
    It's a good thing that you fell for my heist
    I have eyed your flesh. I shall now taste.
    Come to me and worship me. Surrender. Be my devotee.
    In the name of God I'll strip you off your wealth and virginity.

    I am not the holy man I pretend to be
    I claim for myself this fake identity
    Underneath the orange garments
    A dagger of venomous passion awaits
    Your beautiful succulent skin corrupts
    this unholy man that you call a "saint"

    Note: Each year despite the storming news about hoaxes and fake babas women keep going and following babas around the country. These babas take advantage on them.
    Many women are violated in name of rituals. Many babas have built their kingdom upon their devotee's wealth.

    May superstition and blind faith be jailed too along the babas behind the bars.
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    It is patently not possible to confine in jail the duo superstition and blind faith.

    May be barring few exceptions, almost all individuals are 'babas' of one kind or the other as most of them fake and maintain a dual personality of one kind or the other. The procedures of courts are also enigmatic, to say the least, and can be resolved only through black coats.

    Is a politician not a baba who promises so many things but yields nothing?

    Are unscrupulous doctors and lawyers are not 'babas' who blackmail their clients to milk them?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Good poetic contribution from the author framing the actions and advances of fake Babas in this cunning world and how the women are trapped to their side by gimmicks and magic to lure.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A good post. Many innocent people are getting into the trap of fake Babas and losing their wealth and anding into problems. Believing somebody blindly is never a good quality. There may be people who are with better intuitions.
    Really a person who is having some extraordinary powers will never misuse them. Kanchi Paramacharya was the best example for this. He helped many people who are in need. But never shown his extraordinary talents to anybody. He used to be a very silent priest.
    But these days many people are trying to do some gimmicks and attracting the innocent people telling them that are the representatives of God and making the people fools. The public should be careful with such people and should do any undue favours to them.

    always confident

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    The Ram Rahim baba scandal would flash through the minds of many readers of this thread. A good narration of a reality that happens within closed doors of some of these places that bring spiritual guidance a bad name. In our country, it's easy to take advantage of gullible people, in the name of God, in the name of dreams or promises.

    The true holy men and women who help people will not market themselves or do such things but will become subjects of suspicion when some other 'fake baba' is caught abusing devotees. It has become a good business model to have a faith-based place, attract people in difficulty and promise them hope and solace.Within such places, such acts would happen and often not come to the notice of the public at large.

    Last year, the Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad released a list of fake babas. If the Governments (state and centre) periodically release the lists of such people in media and papers, it would reduce the number of victims.

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    The very good way to teach people about fake babas. A normal person starts making an innocent person fool. It's very easy, you just need to wear clothes of babas. People especially women easily fall into the trap of such people. They demand high fees for doing different types of pooja.
    There are people who never took advantage of their powers. Fake babas are widely spread in India like ram Rahim,asaram Bapu and several others. This list is never-ending.

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    Good one.

    We tend to adopt to a certain activities either on the basis of Fear Or Interest. In the mean time this doesn't seems to be "Interest" on the larger part but the "Fear" is. Surprisingly but again this still seems to be not possible that even in this modern world we are busy believing in such Fake Saints.

    In the latest it is Radhe Maa (Sukhwinder Kaur) & Nirmal Baba (Nirmaljeet Singh). These usually having a big 'darbar' sessions estimated to be worth hundreds of crores and has a huge following despite dispensing advice bordering on the absurd. No matter what but these will continue to have in iur society as well.

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