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    National Science day is February 28th.

    National science day is celebrated every year on this day ie, 28th February. On 28 February 1928. , Prof. C.V.Raman discovered Raman effect.Sir C.V. Raman was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930 for this discovery. The celebration also includes public speeches, radio-TV talk shows, science movies, science exhibitions based on themes and concepts, research demonstration, debates, quiz competitions, lectures, science model exhibitions and many more activities.
    The purpose of this day is to widely spread the Importance of science used in the daily life of the people. It is the main science function of India.The theme of the year 2018 is "Science and Technology for a sustainable future." I wish all the members a happy National Science day today.
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    National Science Day is regularly celebrated on 28th February throughout the Nation. Some lectures, exhibitions, discussions, etc.are arranged by different organisations, institutions, and others. But beyond that nothing happens. There are no attempts to develop scientific awareness among the people. Studying science subjects have become just as a custom to pass the examinations. Perhaps to earn a living.
    Scientific temper is something which need to be developed among the masses. This day must be used for that.

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    On the occasion o/f National Science Day, I remember the scientific bent of mind of Indian Yogis and Rishis like Kanad, Charbak, Aryabhatta, Brahmagupta, Charak, Sushrut, Nagarjuna, Sridhar Acharya and many others. I pray that modern Indian Scientists will take India to the pinnacle of scientific glory and people of the great country will develop a logical and scientific bent of mind.
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    Yes, the birthday of famous scientist Dr. C.V. Raman is celebrated as National Science Day in India. Every year some science exhibition is organized in school of our town and also at the district level.
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    Great to know that today was celebrated as National Science day and that is why I could see some school children dressed as Dr APJ Abdul Kalaam spotted on the roads. It is great feeling among the students to invent something on their own and exhibit the same during the exhibition organised by each school on this day. If inventions cannot be possible , the students can take up the current topics of public nature and explain the same in their understanding way, so that visitors to the exhibition would appreciate the understanding and teaching capacity of each student during the self governing day.
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    YES the birth day of scientist C.V. Raman is celebrated as national science day. All the members of ISC has many many congrats for this day.

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    Yes today is National Science day celebrated. Today in my child school primary children were taken to the nearest science exhibition to know about basic science experiments.

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    Happy Science Day.
    I like the phrase 'a sustainable future' in the theme. It's great that present-day students are getting exposed to this concept because we are going in the opposite direction in terms of water usage, land mass occupied, shrinking forest/green cover, rapid exhaustion of limited natural resource.

    With the drive to develop alternative techniques, science can help us to recycle water and waste, advance in the wind and solar power, develop efficient use of electricity and transport and many more things can be changed.

    The young minds should be encouraged and guided to become scientists who can safeguard their future on Mother earth.

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    We can contribute towards this years theme i.e. 'Science and Technology for a sustainable future' by -

    > Using bicycles or public transport to contain pollution.
    > Using LED lights to conserve energy.
    > Reducing the use of plastic bags and plastic containers as the same are not biodegradable.
    > Installing solar panels as an alternate source of energy.
    > Switching off lights/fans when not in use.
    > Closing leaky water taps and using of water level sensor to sense water in storage tank and automatically switch pump off after tank is full thereby reducing 100% water overflow problems.
    > Using solid wastes from kitchen and cow dung as manure.
    > Using paper judiciously by moving to online payment methods and even reading the newspaper online.
    > Harvesting rainwater.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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