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    When laziness dominates activeness.

    Laziness and activeness are two distinct attributes of our life and different people have different combination ratios of these in them. Some people are very active and will not waste their time in any useless activity like gossiping or idling. On the other hand, there are many people who take a lot of time in preparing themselves to start working and due to this inertia, they sometimes take more time in getting started than what they spend in actual working.
    In many cases, the laziness becomes the dominant attribute and affects the productivity of a person.
    With willpower and determination, one has to reverse this trend and should not allow the laziness to take control of one's life. This is necessary to survive in this competitive world. What is the opinion of the members on this?
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    People should always try to be active. Then their mind also will be active. You will have happiness. If we are lazy our mind also will become and respond actually when we need it. Laziness will kill the enthusiasm. In many places these days people spend more time with their mobiles that too on social media. Sending messages. receiving messages and chatting with people. This activity is really a waste of time. The activity is more unproductive. Especially in the office environment, we are finding many people getting distracted from their work and busy with these activities. Slowly they are getting accustomed to this and getting lazy to do work. It is always better to have enough sleep and rest. At the same time, we should have enough work to our body as well as mind also. One should not waste their time in chitchatting with the other people. In the houses also these days people sit together to go on talking hours together without any purpose. Sitting together having a dialogue for an hour or so is OK. But hours of time is not worth. In this issue only I always will have a problem with my other family members. They all sit together for hours together but I never like it.
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    An extraordinarily active Bengali, Rabindranath Tagore (who used to remain mentally and physically active from 4 a.m. to 11 p.m. without any exception), once stated: ''The best people of the world are lazy, and lazy people are blessed''. In my personal life, I follow these words of Rabindranath. For the last 45 minutes, I had been planning to write the above comments, but have written just now.
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    Laziness is born with certain people. From the very beginning they will be doing something very slowly. But in certain cases this leads to better creativity. We have the saying, "slow and steady wins the race".
    But laziness also will steal many chances, unknowingly. The active people will easily overtake. Some people do not waste their time and will be quick to succeed in life. Comparatively active people gain better than lazy people. But overactive people will commit several mistakes. Hence a via media approach is always better.


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    What I feel that as long as our mind and body is fit, the laziness thought wont arise as we will keep our mind busy and the body responding to the actions sought. Invariably I have seen some youth who have discontinued their studies do waste their time at the street corners by disturbing the time of other youths who are either studying or doing some productive work. Parents are responsible for this state of affairs of the children. Parent should not allow children to roam here and there and waste time. Instead they must be asked to do part time job and fetch money for themselves and help the family too.
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    Apart from laziness, there is something known as 'procrastination' , an attribute which makes the people keep their important work postponing till the deadline. Such important work may be anything e.g. seeing a doctor or dentist for regular checkups, paying a bill, submitting an assignment or filing the annual income tax return etc.

    Laziness costs. People have to pay the price of being lazy. Such people are likely to miss their bus in many, if not in all, cases. I hate people who due to laziness, start late from home and then drive rashly to make up for the lost time. Few unfortunate among them pay the price with their life also.

    Many people miss their flights or trains daily because of their inability to reach airport or the railway station in time. Few unfortunate one miss even their examinations or important interviews/meetings.

    Personally, I am of unambiguous opinion that lazy people cannot progress beyond a certain limit. A lot of time of their precious life will get consumed in feelings of guilt, inadequacy, depression, and self-doubt

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    People have different approaches to life, some are hyperactive to the point of being annoying, some are laid back and lazy. As long as they complete the demands of their jobs and life, I feel it's fine because there is no need for everyone to be active all the times. Being active is good, we see people who are like little bundles of energy constantly doing things. We need to be active but be aware of the limitations so that we do not burn ourselves. Being lazy at times is ok, it just helps you to space your energy based on the need and importance of the job at hand. Take, for example, most people who work 6 day weeks, become laid back on a Sunday and then re-start their work from Monday.They are rested well, charged, minds are fresh for the coming Monday. We should not allow laziness to dominate our lives for it would become waste of time and precious months or years on one's life.

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