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    Discover the talent of your child.

    These days parents are going for only one child or maximum two children.
    They will have a lot of expectations for their children.
    They want them to be the best in all the fields.
    They want them to be good singers, good musicians, good dancers and good writers.
    They want them to become either engineers or doctors.
    They will not understand the pressure their children taking in fulfilling the aspirations of their parents.
    The parents will never discover the inner talents of their children and ask them about their desires.

    The parents should take time and watch their children and discover their talents and desires.
    Then they should put them in that area of specialization and encourage them to do better.
    In such case, the children will excel in their field and stand apart from others.
    The children will definitely bring laurels and happiness to the parents.
    So I request all the parents to give time and discover the inner talents in their children. I hope all other members will agree.
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    yes, I agree with the author. I the present age parents do not discover the talent of their children. They always force their children to go to the area in which the children have no interest. All parents want to make their children engineers or doctors but all children do not succeed due to lack of interest. If parents discover the talent of children and then select an area accordingly, the children will get 100% success. Parents should understand this important fact and should discover the talent of their children.
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    It is true that parents always force their children to become either Doctors or Engineers. The children need to get some attention in their family and promote their talents rather than forcing them to conquer the world. They must be guided by the correct approach so that they can find their own way in life. Students fail mainly due to their lack of interest. Nowadays parents do not find time for their children, so they don't know what the children need in the life.
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    Although it sounds so simple, but, in actuality, it is really very tough. Very few parents can discover the hidden talents in their children. Even if they can discover the talents, they remain very reluctant to encourage their children to follow their heart and pursue their talents. Those who can, are really great parents.
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    The likes and dislikes of a child is known to the parent at the initial ages itself and thus they can take right decision on the future of the child in befitting manner. Some children may not study, but they are good at dance, singing and other drams acts. Some children are not good studies but have the knack of repairing something or inventing new kind of things. Some children are only well versed in studies and wont have any idea of other works. So it is the parents who must closely watch the happenings around the child and where his thrust is. That way we can guide the child to achieve the goal.
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    Generally speaking, the arithmetic of life is as follows -

    First 25 to 30 years - Completing education, finding a job, settling and getting married
    Next 25 to 30 years - Rearing children, guiding them in getting settled, married and have their own children
    Next reaining years - Retirement, watching grandchildren growing up etc.

    Thus we can see that the prime period of life is required to be devoted to rearing children and helping them get settled after completing education. Many parents get confused in this phase and accord more importance to their own life forgetting that their own life is totally associated with the life of their children. They continue enjoying their own life , putting the education and career of their children on the back burner. Such parents regret profusely later.

    They have to sacrifice their own comforts and preference and devote due time in discovering the right path for career progression of their children.

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    Most parent would find that their child has a talent for singing, dancing, drawing or paying a particular game very well. Some would notice this and be happy, some would ignore this discovery fearing that the child's education would get sidetracked.
    As parents, there is no harm in discovering our child's talents and helping them to grow along with the child, who knows, it might open many doors and even lead to a career.

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