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    Have you seen these horror films? Will you watch 'Pari'?

    Nowadays many young men and women have been discussing the oncoming film of Anushka Sharma, 'Pari'. Only today I have heard some people are discussing the frightening look of the recently-married actress in this film. I have also come to know that the film will be released on 2nd March, i.e., on the day of Holi.

    My mind, as usual, has been travelling backwards. When I was in Class XIth, I watched 'The Exorcist' (first released in 1973). I also watched 'The Conjuring' recently or 'The Witch'. In Hindi, I have watched 'Mahal', 'Bhoot', 'Raaz' or '1920'. I have also watched 'Ragini MMS' but I don't count it as a pure horror movie. I am not bringing Bengali horror films in this discussion.

    I would like to know from other Members: (a) Which horror film did you scare you most? (b) Will you watch the film 'Pari' acted by Anushka Sharma and directed by Prosit Roy?
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    I have watched some horror films in the Telugu language. Arundhati is one of such films acted by Anushka and the movie is a super hit in Telugu field. But I have not seen Pari.
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    Dr. Rao: 'Arundhati' in Hindi is my daughter's favourite. And the film 'Pari' will be released on 2nd March.
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    No, I have not watched any horror movie so far but when I was in 10 standards I always watched horror show which was telecasted after CID. I will see Pari of Anushka Sharma as there is a good chance to see in this weekend. Holi then Saturday and Sunday. So, there is a good chance to watch the movie in the cinema.
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    I occasionally watch such movies. It's the special effects and the sound effects that make it even scarier. The Conjuring was a good one but Paranormal activity was scarier to watch. In the Paranormal activity, unusual activities just happen spontaneously while sleeping etc. Will watch it when I get some time.

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