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    Do you welcome playing Holi one day in advance at the school. college and Office ?

    Holi, the festival of colors is being celebrated on the 1st March 2018 and it has become a habit of the school and college students and even colleagues at the office to play the Holi one day in advance because the next day happens to be the holiday. Since I hate colors, people want to play with me the compulsory Holi by smearing colors on the face. So I really hate playing Holi one day in advance which actually spoils the mood as we have to return home with colors smeared on the face, clothes and even vehicle ? Do you like playing Holi with colors one day in advance ?
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    I Like to play. But as you mentioned after playing we will have a hell of time to clean it. So when I was young I played holi every year but now I allow my children to play because they should no about holi and even learn to mingle with friends in our society.

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    This is a common practice in north India to play Holi on the last working day in offices and schools/colleges. The people develop an inter-relationship due to working/studying together throughout the year and then find it indispensable to play Holi among themselves.

    However, playing Holi decently by using unharmful dry colours duly observing the decorum is alright but going overboard owing to over enthusiam should definitely be discouraged.

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    This was not the practice in our school and college. Yes, because, I am from Tamil Nadu and this Holi celebration practice has not been so famous in our city. But we had a similar practice of sprinkling colors, especially ink on each other, on the last working day of school and college. It is not so hard to clean as well. Moreover, as a student, I enjoyed them, but now I am not interested.
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    One of the interesting traits of human life is that it will observe fun and frolic on each and every opportunity in life.

    Unfortunately, the festival of Holi is one such occasion when under its garb you can throw mud on the face of your respectable neighbours. The students and children who were just walking away from you with their face down suddenly become so aggressive and offensive as to settle all the year accumulated score with you on this day.

    This is one of the social trends hated by many but as well said - do in Rome as Romans do - there is no choice except to join with them happily. Anyway, it is a matter of a day only. So I think we have to somehow bear it.

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    Holi is a festival of joy and colours. The festival of holi is always in March, just few days before the exams, so playing and having fun in a healthy way should be welcomed. There are many incidents where this fun ends up in an ugly turn. Although today the trend of playing holi is soon catching up not only in north but also in south.
    Holi should be played with soft and natural colours. It is better to apply dry colours ,or flower based colours.
    Many may not be aware of the teshu flowers available in north, they are soaked in warm water, and a nice fragrant is oozes out of it. It gives a nice rich saffron colour to the water. Playing with this is the safest way to play with water. This should not be encouraged in schools
    .Another thing I noticed was that even the teachers get into the holi mood of holi and celebrate with kids.
    Many schools have a decent celebration for kids to get the children learn the festival.

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    Bengalis are celebrating Dol Purnima today. On this auspicious day, Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the leading figure behind First Bengali Renaissance, was born. Best wishes to the Members on the occasion of Dol Purnima.

    Wishes on ''Chhoti Holi''. Advance wishes to Members on the occasion of Holi tomorrow.

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    This practice of sprinkling colours on the occasion of Holi one day before in colleges, schools, establishments and offices is there in Telangana that to around Hyderabad. The day of Holi is a holiday to many establishments and hence they enjoy this one day before they leave for the day.
    In Andhra Pradesh, this habit is not there. In many small towns and villages of AP, no one celebrates this festival. But in major cities like Vizag and Vijayawada where there are some north Indians are there, we see some people celebrating this festival only on the day of Holi festival but not one day before.
    As long as the colours natural and are no threat to health we can enjoy this festival. But using hazardous synthetic dyes which are very harmful should be strictly avoided. I utilise this occasion to wish all the members of ISC a happy Holi today.

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    Yes, this year also, Holi was played a day early for us ( as before, wore my simple old clothes), so that people don't miss the chance of having fun and enjoy the spirit of Holi. At times it becomes a little too much when the office staff are drenched in coloured water at the end of the day and have to take an auto or cab to reach home quickly.
    I've seen youngsters using this as an excuse to smear and 'manhandle' young girls in the locality. Barring such nuisances, Holi is good to be played, just by smearing a tilak or a wipe on the face or the hands. I like the colours as long as they are washed off easily, I hate the silver colours, that is almost like a paint and looks harmful for both people involved.

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    This is not just for Holi. But many festivals (including Onam) are celebrated in schools and offices on the last working day before the relevant holiday.
    As celebration is celebration, this goes on and people enjoy it. As far as there is real enjoyment let it go on so.

    During holidays people are with their family and very close relatives and neighbours only. They cannot join their colleagues or classmates. This is then offset by celebrating on another closest day.

    Even legend has many stories when gods have (re)enacted some important event just for the sake of their devotees. So thee is nothing wrong if a celebration related to some festival is additionally celebrated on another day also.

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