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    Never give false assurance to children

    Not only parents but many gives false assurance to children in order to fulfill their requirements from them. A mother told her child while returning home from school as she she would take her shopping. But on returning home she could not move out due to some exigency. Without understanding the child start asking which longs to cry . On returning father of the child without understanding the background of her cry start beating the child. Result?
    On no occasion we should give false assurance .
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    Very good thought by the author. Its commonly faced in all houses thinking that child will forget by evening but that is the base we teach them to be stubborn. Its better we don't promise to our children in advance.

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    Raising children is not easy. Most of the parents, particularly those in nuclear family system, find it extremely challenging to cope up with the task of rearing a child in absence of any formal training. They make promises to their children though often don't fulfill it unmindful of its possible serious consequences. It may be noted that not fulfilling promises may lead to -

    1. Disappointment in the child
    2. They may lose trust in parents
    3. They are likely to disrespect the parents in the long run
    4. They may start feeling that they are not important
    5. They may become promise breakers themselves

    It is true that there may be circumstances when the parents are not able to fulfill the promises made to the children. However, in such cases, it is best to explain them in detail and ask for forgiveness by saying sorry to the child.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Very good observation made by the author and invariably in every house this kind of situation happens. Normally to get rid of nagging attitude of a child in demanding something or the other, we do make promises to get out of the situation for a while. But we never think that the children have great remembering power and they would ask for reasoning and explanation if their demands are not met as promised. Nevertheless the parents must fulfil the promises of the children but not by telling lies or giving false hopes. The child would take it seriously and would not have faith in parents in future.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I feel it is not good to make false promises to the children. They send wrong signals to the children. They feel that these parents are trying to fool them. They think that making a false promise is allowed. They also learn this trick and play on the parents also. When we question them they will say sometimes it happens. Did you not failed in fulfilling the promise made to me? In such case, the parents will get annoyed. If we are not able to fulfil a promise we should explain to the child why we couldn't fulfil that promise and see that they are satisfied. If the parent tells the child that because of so and so the reason we are not able to fulfil our assurance to you but we will try for some more time to see that promise will be fulfilled. They the child feel happy and think that the parents are carrying for them.
    If the parents go on doing the promises and not fulfilling the same may result in many negatives. So it is always advisable not to make any promises which can't be fulfilled not only to children but to anyone.

    always confident

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    Yes, I agree with the author that we should not make the false promise to children. Due to this, we can lose the respect of our children. Instead of making the false promise to children it is better to talk with them. But the main problem is we do not have time to talk to our children. By talking we can solve many problems. False promises are made when children do not want to do something which parents want. And for that purposes, parents make false promises to children. So it is necessary to sort out the problem why children do not want to do things and the solution for the same.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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