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    Difference between beside and by.

    Ram stood .................. my site. (besides, by)
    in above question which option is correct? we know both are correct, we can say "ram stood beside my site". and we can also say "ram stood by my site". so my thread is what is difference between beside and by in that case. both of have the same meaning, which is right? please clarify your answer.
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    I think this should be raised in Ask expert section.

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    What I feel is - Beside should be for physical presence, and by should be for the time.

    E.g. Ram stood beside my chair. Ram stood by during my difficult days.

    Ram stood beside my site /Ram stood by my site are meaningless sentences.

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    1. Ram stood by my side. This sentence means Ram supported me (during a quarrel/dispute, etc.).
    2. Ram stood beside me.

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    I am also of the opinion that " Ram stood beside my side " is the right answer and by the way it is not site but side. And during our sad or bad moment when somebody supports us, then we can say " Ram stood by my side "
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    By is mostly used when you connect two subjects or objects. So I think it serves both as a preposition and a conjunction.
    Beside is a proposition however.
    Besides is used a conjunction.

    "She had three oranges besides three apples".

    " She saw the apple sitting beside that plate".

    "She saw the apple was sitting by that plate".

    So by and beside can be used for the same purpose as a preposition. But besides cannot be. Besides denotes a condition and works like a conjuctive word.

    Feel free to use by and beside the way you please. Because they essentially mean the same as prepositions.
    But I too would agree with Mr.Sun and Mr. Partha. Their theories hold good.

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    Rama stood by my side. Rama stood beside my side. Both the sentences are correct.
    By and beside both are prepositions.
    Beside means either left side or right side.
    By means, it may be left side, right side, in front or behind.
    Beside is very specific than By.
    By an also be used to say that somebody is supporting. Rama stood by the theory explained by Krishna. It indicates that Rama supported the theory explained by Krishna.

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    I would use it interchangeably bases on the context. Both by and Besides are preposition that are often followed by a noun. Ram stood beside me for the group photo.

    We use the term 'by' to convey something more than just physical presence. It would mean agreeing, supporting or validating a particular claim or statement. Ram stood by me even when others had deserted me.

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