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    Habit of reading books and valuable use of library

    Reading books was considered as hobby in earlier period.once computer occupied the minds of people,the book reading habit getting diminished. Book readers become book lovers. Many people of those days infact kept a mini library in their house. Once book reading habit developed in one's mind, the place library is the only place to quench their thirst.
    Library is place piled with books on different subjects and topics. I used to spend all my free times only in library. On going inside the library only we can able to know variety of magazine in different languages. Besides spending time we can learn many things.
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    Yes, you are right. The library is the most important thing for everyone, especially for the students. We should develop reading habit in students. I have fond of reading books. Now I read books through the digital medium. I have subscribed Magzter the biggest digital library to read books on different subjects in different languages. Books provide us knowledge and satisfaction.
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    This post is useful since the readers are introduced to the importance of library. Reading different books makes a person perfect. Of course one cannot help reading all books. But once different subjects are gone through one can discover the interested field and subject. Hence the search can be limited to interested field.
    I am a person who loves reading and I have a collection of more than thousand books. The collection include certain reference books such as encyclopedia in my mother tongue (Malayalam). In addition to this I have access to a good library near my house. There are about 40,000 books there, both Malayalam and English. Some Hindi and Tamil books are also there. Almost everyday I visit this library go through various weeklies and magazines, which are regularly coming there. (I am the Secretary of the Library).
    This reading has helped me writing different articles and two books. Reading is a habit which takes everybody to another world. One's imaginations go towards different aspects and help formulate selfish ideas. Reading is part of education too. Books must become friends of everybody. Of course, selection of the right books might need guidance. Otherwise it is likely to go astray.


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    I am a confirmed bibliophile. I read literature extensively during the summer vacations of my graduation and postgraduation days in the public libraries. Later, I continued reading technical and general literature in the print version which gradually switched over to digital version.

    Nowadays, the conventional libraries are getting modified with more and more use of computers and internet. In modern libraries, computers are made available to the readers together with fast speed internet connection for accessing and using digital literature/books.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes author is right when we were kids we had one period as lib. During that time we have to go school library and spend the entire period there by taking books to read or any activity in lib by following the rules of library. But now such activity is not seen in children nor in adults.

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    Book reading is a very good habit. Books are the sources of knowledge. We can improve our knowledge in any subject by reading the books on that particular subject. I used the library of Andhra University extensively during my Ph D work and later on thesis writing. I used to spend more than 10 hours a day during the literature survey for my work. After that also I have not discontinued the habit of reading. I have a small library in my house, where there are some good books on my subject chemistry, Telugu literature and books on high energy materials in which I have specialised. I use these books as reference books. These days I am not going to any library but we have a library in my Organisation which is having almost 5000 books on the subjects related to my organisation. Sometimes I refer those books. These days I started reading digital books available online for reference.The libraries are the treasure houses of knowledge and the more you use, the more you will get enlightened.
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    It is very correct that modern gadgets like mobile, kindle and laptop have effectively taken place of book reading but still reading a book leisurely after a siesta in the afternoon with a cup of hot tea or coffee has its own charm. Frankly speaking, I am fascinated by the books same as I used to in my school or college days. I have also got a good collection of books and in spite of difficulties of transporting them during my service time from one place to other, I still hold them as my big possession.

    I was fortunate enough that during my school and college days I was in a town where a Govt district library was available and it had a large collection of books on various subjects in English and Hindi. Surprisingly works of foreign writers in English, as well as Hindi translations of a few of them, were also available and that was my beginning of the journey in the world of literature and fiction. Finally, I was warned by my family and teachers to control my reading obsession and be attentive to my studies.

    Somehow I continued my journey along with other responsibilities and but the habit remained for a period of about 15-20 years after which it diminished down to moderate levels and still continuing.

    Today whatever I am able to express in words is all due to a small part of that enormous intake of black and white swallowed by me, as I feel that the word 'swallowed' only can describe that fast bulldozing in the mind, and I feel nice about it. The knowledge in the books around us is like an ocean, you can bath in it and feel fresh but can not take it with you.

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    I enrolled in a local small library to read comics (Commando, Jughead & Archie, Hardy Boys). From there the passion for reading started for subjected related and spare time reading. Most of the libraries that I had access were small with books piled up in corners. For my post-graduation, I had to go to the central library, spend days xeroxing and noting down the references.

    With the advent of the internet, the role of the library has changed. Gone are the days wherein we could see most people with a novel or a paperback in their hands during travel and in waiting lounges.Now it's either e-book or videos on spare time.

    Libraries also incorporate the idea of borrowing, caring for the book and returning in time to avoid fines etc.
    Reading is a good pastime even now for me. A cup of coffee, a classic novel of John Grisham or Jeffery Archer, time just flies by refreshingly.

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