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    They have to smile even if they are in distress

    They are always good-looking. They have to take care of their appearance. They have to face different types of people everyday. They are expected to assuage the hurt feelings of people. They are expected to guide people who visit the office. But they are not highly paid. They don't have many promotional prospects.

    More importantly, they have to always smile, even if they are in distress. Yes, they are called receptionists. In some modern working places, they are called front desk managers.

    Although my office is a Government office, unlike many other Government offices, two ladies work as front desk managers. Yesterday, one of the two ladies came to my chamber. ''In the morning, she was all smiles. But what has happened to her?''-I thought. She was crying. I came to know that her small child was having a high fever and her husband was out of station. Her aged mother-in-law was unable to manage the sick child. I granted her leave and she went home.

    But I was thinking something different. In the morning, she was smiling sweetly when I entered the office. She greeted me. She had to smile although she was very tensed. They have to smile, even if they are in distress. This is the nature of their work.
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    There are many professions where people are paid for smiling only. Take the examples of clowns of the circus. They have to entertain the audience even if they are distressed. The cited example was vividly portrayed in the movie 'Mera Naam Joker'.

    As far as working in a office is concerned, the so called successful employees have to only smile in front of their bosses. They have to keep the bosses pleased by mimicry, sycophancy or otherwise.

    There is no room for people with gloomy face in this world. People will soon forget Sridevi and will start talking about the next sensation like Priya Prakash Varrier.

    The working ladies have to face greater challenge in rearing their children. They have to maintain an uncanny balance between workplace and home. Earlier there was provision of child care leave in central Government offices which was quite helpful for women employees. I don't know, if it is still continuing or not.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    As you said that the particular lady is working as front office assistant and she has the compulsion to smile and welcome the visitors. For that matter we all leave the home with whole sorts of problems carrying on our back and that cannot be revealed nor discussed in the office. In this case to the woman employee has done the right thing, as she does not want to express her emotions to all but she was concealing the illness of her child inside her heart and thus she asked you privately to grant leave and then went away to home. Please do not read in between about her smile and then seeking leave. This happens to all.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is good to see, there are people who understand the tears behind smiles. Yes, like Mohan Sir said, it is common to all. Every body in the busy life has no interest to explain the reason for their long face. I feel, it is better to fake a smile than wasting time on lamenting.
    Coming to the profession, every body has a job description and that is base to their career. For that matter, what the author said is exactly right, Few other designation people has a chance to sit quiet or immerse in thoughts for a while, when the are in grief. But this receptionists, no matter what they under go in life, has to dress up and show up pleasantly.

    Sri Vetri
    Spread Positivism

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    ''Please do not read in between about her smile and then seeking leave. ''-What does it mean, Mr. Mohan. She had greeted me on the morning like she does every other day. Why should I interpret her smile differently?
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    These are the professional hazards. Not only receptions many employees have to carry out their duties even though they have the pain. Especially there some profession which requires a smiling face. For the person who is having pain keeping smile on the face is very difficult. But they have to do that as part of their duty. Probably the receptionist may be getting worried inside from the morning itself. But she has to keep it under her smile. I think her smile helped her a lot. Because you are able to appreciate her patience in keep smiling in the morning even though she is having the unhappiness inside you have sanctioned her the leave. That helped her.
    Once I was in my factory. There was a big argument between two union representatives on a particular issue. I was in my chamber waiting to see the result of the argument. Meanwhile, I received a call from my house stating that my grandfather expired and I have to start immediately. I asked my PA to call the driver with my car. By the time the car arrived the argument between these two groups had become violent and they are about to beat. I was forced to go between the two groups and forcibly push them to separate sides. Really it requires a lot of courage and support. I am not in good mood because of the news I received. But I was no option than doing that.
    I waited till all the people dispersed from the place then only I could start from the factory. That half an hour experience made me learn how to be stable during difficult times also if the situation demands.

    always confident

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