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    Do you also feel anxious besides being happy on the occasions of festivals?

    Tomorrow is Holi when Holika Dahan will be celebrated followed by playing of colours etc., the next day. This is one of the major festivals of north India and is celebrated with much gusto and fanfare. The normal life of the people becomes sort of paralysed as the revelers almost seize the city by indulging themselves in merry making. Many of them drink heavily and resort to unruly behaviour.

    To be candid, I always feel anxious in anticipation of some unfortunate incidents on such occasions. Generally, by evening we start hearing about unpleasant events in television. Next day in the morning, we find news about few mishaps in the local newspapers. Often road accidents take place due to drunken driving and skirmishes also occur due to hooliganism.

    The same thing happen on the occasion of Diwali and New Year also when we have no other option but to wait anxiously to hear unpleasant news about occurrence of fire accidents and people getting injured due to fire crackers etc.

    Do you also feel anxious besides being happy on the occasions of festivals?
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    Yes every big festival has much expectations and anticipation coupled with anxious moments of behaviours of others on that particular celebrations and occasions. For example during holi there is a fear of smearing colours on our face and clothes by even strangers much to the annoying of us and even others who love us. I am totally against colours and people who would know this bent upon applying colours to me. Likewise there would be forced celebrations on others without even thinking their liking and expectations. During Deepavali too we are worried about small children and the elders. Small children wont listen and they try to burst crackers from the near vicinity and thus without adults supervision, there are every chance of fire cracker busting accidents. Nevertheless , the festivals must be celebrated with total willing of the opposite persons, otherwise it would be unruly behaviour all over.
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    I feel anxious on the occasions of festivals for selfish reasons. The household chores, cooking, cleaning will become little more than the routine. And I find the festivals bring all works together. Preparing traditional sweets and savories, pooja, visiting temple and so on. Kids on holidays will do extra mischief. However they all bring pleasant memories, the day before the occasion and on the day of festival, being a home maker, I don't find it happy at that moment.
    Now You tube may help us to watch the festival programs of TV later at free time, but I think of my mom, who was so much interested to watch debate shows, but could not spend that 30 minutes in front of TV. I still my aversion towards Diwali that year. My son was only 3 months old at that time. He will start crying for mixie sound itself. Diwali cracker noise need not to be explained. So, it was so hard for us to pass those three days during Diwali.
    During Ganesh Chathurthi also, we find the same problem in the form of loud speakers.

    Wish we worship God and celebrate functions with no loud speakers.

    Sri Vetri
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    Yes. It is very naturals. We feel anxious during certain festivals. Particularly on some festivals days wherein there are certain events we may result in unnecessary problems. The festival of crackers, Deepavali is one of such festivals. Once myself and my elder son got injured on the Deepavali day. One flower pot got burst unexpectedly and we both have severe burn injuries to the fingers of right hand. Almost we suffered for about a month to come out of that problem. So my tension on the day of Deepavali will be very high. I almost stopped consuming crackers on that day. But the children will not stop. So till that festival is over I will be anxious.
    The anxiety will be high when we perform certain events in our houses like marriages. We have to see that everything will go nicely without any problem. Even after taking care and planning even minute details also sometimes unexpected problems may come up. So The anxiety will be there on such occasions also.

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    No and Never, Festivals come and pass regularly every year and year after year. In life, I have witnessed many Holi and Diwali, and heard many unpleasant incidents. On the day of Holi, people drink and enjoy, and on the Diwali day, they crack fire. The accidents happen as per their destiny. Why should others be anxious to know what went wrong with the festivals, how many died, how many injured. I drink and enjoy the festival, I use fire works safely adopting safety precautions. In that respect I am a selfish guy.
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