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    How good are you in using bluetooth?

    Dear Members,
    I am not much aware of bluetooth and its use. Will the members who use bluetooth explain it in detail with examples.

    1. What is bluetooth?
    2. How it is used?
    3. What is the advantage and disadvantage?
    4. Any other useful information.
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    This should be raised in ask expert section.

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    Dear gsadhiks,
    Members will have different views and different experiences about Bluetooth. I wish to get them in this thread. Hence I did not raise it in AE section.

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    I use blue tooth to transfer files from one phone to other phones. I have an app on my phone called very fit. I have a device on my wrist. These two are connected to Bluetooth. The device on my wrist will measure the steps I walked in a day, my heartbeat and pulse rate. These details will be transferred and displayed on my phone by using the Bluetooth. This is what I know about Bluetooth.
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    Members may please note that this thread is being shifted to the Ask experts section.
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    Mr. Saji,
    Kindly bear with me. The doubts and clarifications cannot be sought in AE section to understand the Bluetooth well. Let this thread continue here only.

    You may also post your understanding about Bluetooth here.

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    As an exception, it has been decided to let this query remain in the forum since you wish to know the general experience of members. For future reference, though, note that it is advisable to submit such questions in our AE section only. You can, in such a case, submit specific questions related to Bluetooth individually, those, as such, being unrelated to each other. Example -
    1. What is Bluetooth and how to use it effectively?
    2. What are the benefits and disadvantages in using Bluetooth?

    In the forum you could simply ask for personal experiences of the members.

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    Madam Vandana,
    VMT(Very Many thanks) WILCO(will comply)

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    Bluetooth, which previously was just one of the many wireless transfer methods arose to internet of things now.
    You can operate your watch,headset,A.C. and what not with your Bluetooth. But all of these with a seemingly immediate and uncomplicated procedure of just switching on the Bluetooth mode and pairing up with any device.

    But if you want to use Bluetooth to transfer files and apps alone, then you better not choose it.
    Bluetooth is very slow in transferring files.
    Shareit app is nowadays taking the place for the best file and app transfer mode.
    It's an app basically which through the Wi-Fi connects two phones and send data.

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    Mr. Sun will try to explain each point.

    For now, Bluetooth is not that popular as it used to be a few years back. When it started gaining popularity it was like magic to most of us. We were in awe when we got to know that we could send files from one mobile to another mobile and that too for free, because earlier to send a file it would cost 5 Rs each image which was least preferred.

    Those times we would send only images or songs. Videos were transferred only if we had so much time to spend with each other, it was seldom sent.

    1. What is Bluetooth? It's a wireless connection for short range by which devices can communicate with each other. If settings were not proper once the devices were connected you would get complete control of the other phone from your device. So you had to be very careful not to leave it on, lest you are vulnerable to lose data from your phone if at all any.

    2. How it is used? Just tap the Bluetooth button which will in turn search for any other device which has its Bluetooth on and will try to connect to that device. After which you can transfer files and even navigate through the file systems of that mobile from your phone.

    3. What is the advantage and disadvantage? Advantage- You can receive files, connect to headphones while driving, Bluetooth speakers and listen to songs, you can watch movies by connecting to your TV as well if settings permit. These are few advantages.

    Disadvantages- You would be at risk if the Bluetooth is left on (nowadays the phones are smarter, it will get disabled automatically if there is no activity.), file transfer is very slow.

    4. Any other useful information. Bluetooth has lost its charm now, it might get revived again in future with some other feature need to wait and see. For now, I use Bluetooth only to connect to my speakers to listen to music.

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    If both persons does not have the net connection and wants to share some useful images and messages, then they can take the help of blue tooth in their respective cell phones and thus share the images without even knowing to other persons. When you share through the social media there are every chance of your image being hijacked by others by visiting even your personal page. But through blue tooth technology only cell to cell which we select gets the images sent and thus there cannot be any problem to share. However as soon as the work is done, switch off the blue tooth because others may miss use.
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    In the most layman words, Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances. This was one of the earliest applications to become popular for exchanging of data. So far, this is found in mobile phones & is capable of operating music system if the same is installed with this technology.

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    I had an Android smartphone and later bought an iPhone. I tried to transfer files from Android based Nokia phone to iOS based iPhone using bluetooth but could not succeed. Is it because of my lack of knowledge or due to some technical reason? Knowledgeable members please enlighten me.
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    Kailash Sir,
    Transfer of data from an Android device to iOS is not enabled via Bluetooth for security reasons. However, you can do so by using apps such as "Send anywhere". How I usually do is, I will copy the data from Android phone to my PC and upload the data to iPhone via iTunes. I do not go for any third party apps.


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    I have stopped using Bluetooth to transfer images and video files. I use 'share it' app, it is roughly 60 times faster than Bluetooth, does not need net connectivity, just needs both sender and receiver to have the app and within a rough distance of 50 meters. If I have to send sensitive or confidential data, I use the regular mail.

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