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    What is best gift to give children?

    Usually when we want to give gift to children we think chocolate will be fine and buy the costly one and gift or else most of them keep some chocolates at home and give when kids come. As far I know chocolates are the first germ to spoil cavity. Then why this practice is done by adults? When I want to gift any child I gift them drawing set books or any stationery items which suits their age and even my kids birthday I make them distribute any stationery item for the class instead of chocolates.
    My elder use to argue with me to distribute chocolates but later when his principal was transferred and new principal who took the charge mentioned not give chocolates on birthday's instead give any stationery items which is affordable by you. My son understood that I was right and now he never argue's based on that topic.
    I mean to say chocolate's are not good for health nor for cavity then why that practice should be developed ? not only that the wrapper's will also be throne then and there which dirty our surroundings. I want to know what gift's members present for kids for any occasion or any just a visit to their house.
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    It is correct. Chocolates are not good for health. They spoil the teeth and there are many other problems related to health associated with chocolates. The kids don't understand the health problems but they prefer the taste. The chocolates are very tasty. So Kids always like eating chocolates. The elders offer chocolates to kids to keep the children happy and see that they will be calm. Once in a while consuming a small chocolate is not a big issue but eating more and eating regularly is not at all advisable.
    I prefer distributing pens or pencils to the school going, Kids and for toys to the kids who are still not going to schools. It is always advisable to go for gifting dresses to the kids. These items are very useful to them rather than giving costly chocolates.

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    Now a days they mostly like smartphones or any other modern gadgets.
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    In terms of gifts I would recommend story books and colouring books and colours. Children love to draw and colour. Chocolates are not good for health and many kids, these days visit the dentist too often. Also obesity is in the rise with kids. Chocolates are very addictive, not only children, we too crave for it. Once in a while it should be given to kids .

    Books on moral values too are good as a gift. Today's many education games and board games are available in the market ,which not only sharpens the brain, but also are good time pass. Scrabble, chess, blocks etc are good gifts that bring cheer to the child.
    Gadgets can be given to kids, provided there is someone to monitor the kid 's usage. Too many gadgets are also not advisable.

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    It is advisable to go for the presents considering the age limit. Lethe presents be like also including the various activities in order to help child grown with carrying intellectual as well as having physical strength.

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    My wife broked the chocolate culture.She use to prepare sweet Kesari or sweet laddu made of multigrain for offering them. Always she keep pencils,erasor or set of them which costs normally equal to a chocolate. During Navarathri she used to give pencil boxes,water bottles in different colors and shapes.

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    In my opinion, there is no problem offering Chocolate as a gift as this contains nutrients. Every food may cause germs in the mouth and to keep your mouth cleans from germs you have brush teeth twice daily. The dentist says that mouth is the dirtiest cavity in our body. As for as the health is a concern, chocolates are good and provides nutrients. You may gift story books like Panchatantra, Hipnodesh, other painting books according to the age of children. The most precious gift of your children from you will be your time. Spend some time with them. You may go out for dinner or lunch or you may go to the cinema.
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    Its nice to read that many members are not offering chocolates. Instead as many members mentioned other gift which is equivalent in cost of chocolate and also helpful for the child.

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    Gifting the children is a regular activity in our households and relations. Sometimes we can give chocolates also but we should not repeat it and rather explore some other options like storybooks, board games etc.

    What I personally feel is we should give such gifts which inculcate creativity in the children like colour pencils, watercolours, sketch copybooks, crafting, DIY children projects etc.

    This will help the children in developing their skills and enter the creative world early in life.

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    It depends on many factors, the most important being the age of the kid. Also, the degree of relationship determines the approximate cost of the gift to be bought and obviously the occasion. On formal occasions like birthdays etc. , the gift may be different than the gift on routine visit to the family.

    However, as a general rules gifting of eatables like chocolate, ice cream, sweets and such other things to kids should not be encouraged. Similarly, toys which don't conform to the safety standards and specifications should not be gifted. I have noticed that budget of the individual is the crucial factor, because an individual having tight budget is prone to buy a fancy though cheap gift.

    Buying a piece of kids furniture of safer kind may be a good idea in case there is sufficient space in the family to accommodate it.

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    A thoughtful thread, we always have this disscussion when our son has to go for a birthday party.
    What would children like apart from sweets and chocolates. The gift should be useful and also help the child. All of us cannot afford to give a tab, andriod phone or playstation for their children.
    For our own children, it would be a good dress, a watch, a cycle. For giving other children on their birthdays it would be an small school kit (a fancy pencil, eraser and sharpener) or stickers of heroes (spiderman, wonder woman etc). IF they have to go to a child's birthday party, then we choose one of those science kits or a good stationary/colouring kit from Fabercastle.
    We've once done a visit to a nature camp weekend stay as a gift to our son, we enjoyed it as it was different.

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