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    Discover the truth about the laws of motion.

    "The mantras had codified the laws of motion before Isaac Newton". This is what the Minister of State(MOS) for the Ministry of Human Resource Development(MHRD) claimed. The meeting of the 'Central Advisory Board of Education' chaired by the Minister of Human Resource Development was conducted recently. During that meeting, Mr. Satyapal Singh, the MOS for MHRD claimed the above. In his opinion, the laws of motion were codified in the mantras long before Isaac Newton proposed them to explain the motion of physical objects and systems. Mr.Satyapal Singh should have explained the mantras in which the laws of motion are codified instead of just issuing a statement. I will be very happy if it is proved by facts to know that it is our ancestors who brought them out.
    Another discovery made by the MOS is that the educational institutions should be made "Vaastu" compliant to make them more effective in improving the learning process of the students. I wish the Minister should have explained the theory behind his observations. All these years educationalists and others are breaking their heads to find what ails our educational system and how to improve it. The discovery by the MOS makes it easy to set the educational system on the right path.
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    To believe his statement he might have quoted the mantra in which the laws of motion are codified. He might have explained the meaning of the mantra and how it is giving the laws of motion. Otherwise, we can't believe this statement. The people who know many mantras may not be knowing the laws of motion explained by Newton and vice versa. If can prove it then it is a good discovery.
    Coming to Vastu in the construction of Schools and other educational institutes, how it is going to be beneficial for all the stakeholders and how it is going to improve the standards of education are to be explained by the person making the statement. As far as I am concerned, it is irrelevant to think of Vastu to schools and colleges.

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    We take pride in telling that our culture and heritage had all the knowledge of today and the present science is nothing but a copy of those things.

    Frankly speaking we had a great spiritual knowledge in old times and all our Vedas and Puranas are a testimony to that but it does not mean that we simply harbor on them and actually do not work now.

    The world recognizes us by what we do today rather what our ancestors did thousand years ago.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is right there are many scientific facts which are proved by our ancestors or saint in ancient times are discovered later by the European or other scientists. For example, Maharshi Kanad stated Mool Kannam which was discovered later by Dalton as an atom. Indian saint stated many years ago that earth reloves around the Sun which was discovered later. The problem was Indian literature was in Sanskrit it did not reach to the world. We should proud for our ancestor that they have proved many things which later become revolutionary discoveries.
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