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    Inside-out is essential to get success

    It is always told that inside out is necessary to get success in life. I found a good example when I was reading an article in Hindi newspaper. When an egg is broken from outside force, it ends a life. When an egg is broken by inner force, it gives a life. What a great example of inside out. We must use inside-out power to get success. Members are requested to share their opinion in this thread
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    When we know the subject superficially only we may have a different opinion on a particular aspect. But when we study the subject thoroughly we will get amazed to see that the total understanding of the subject will change. So it is always advised by the elders without knowing the things completely we shouldn't make any decision. It may boomerang on us. If a doctor treats a person without knowing inside out the patient may lose confidence on the doctor. To get selected to IAS officer post you should know inside out of the subject. Without knowing the things properly we should not comment anyone.
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    The main dictionary meanings of the phrase 'inside out' are as follows -

    1. in such a manner that the inner surface becomes the outer e.g. he turned the shirt inside out
    2. thoroughly e.g. he knows the subject inside out
    3. in a state of disarray or chaos e.g. he turned the business inside out

    However, it is not clear to me as to under which context the author is using the phrase 'inside out'.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The insideout and outside in approach are standard terms used in marketing or in planning the development or success of a large industry. Inside out is a concept used to develop or acheive success in a big organisation. It foucsses on using the strength within the organisation to ensure success. Outside in focusses on customers, who when taken care of can ensure success of the firm (by means of increased sales).

    I think this is what the author is referring to but in a more philosophical, personal and motivational way.

    If one were to succeed in life, we should learn to harness the energy that is inside us and channel it meaningfully instead of relying on help from outside.

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