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    Happy Holi: Burn your ego, jealousy and other bad habits with the Holi

    Holi will be celebrated by everyone tomorrow. So, happy Holi to all the members of ISC and their families. I will try to burn my ego, jealousy and other bad habits of mine with the Holi. If everybody tries to burn their bad habits with the Holi this world will the most beautiful place to live. We can try to burn at least one bad habit on this Holi.
    May this Holi brings new happiness, joy and colours in your life.
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    Happy Holi to all ISCians.

    It is easier said than done to burn ego, jealody and such other bad habits with Holi. However, as a noble thought, it is a welcome idea.

    Holi otherwise symbolises an occasion of promoting brotherhood and camaraderie within the community. People hug each other as on the occasion of Id-ul-Fitr and wish the best.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Good message from the author. Yes Holi is being celebrated today across the country and on this occasion we should also burn our ego, jealousy and other bad habits hidden inside us, so that a new beginning can be made with the right earnest. In fact Holi is not only a festival of colour, but brings all the sections of the people in one platform and thus everyone plays the Holi with fun and frolic forgetting for a while all their differences and sorrows. This festival has the characteristics to bring every one cutting across the party line, even enemies would exchange the pleasantries with one another.On this occasion I make a fervent appeal to my fellow members and fellow citizens of the country not to indulge with forceful smearing of colours on the faces of those who are reluctant and non participating . Let this festival end with happiness and not with sad moments.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A very good thread. The author has given a sane advice, but following this advice is not so easy. Can a human being burn his/her ego, jealousy and other bad habits so easily? I think not. But we must make concerted effort to improve ourselves. The effort to improve ourselves will make the society better.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Happy Holi to all, I thinks festivals are celebrated at regular intervals by people to be reminded to forget the minor issues, misunderstanding and all the negativity among us. To forget, forgive and enjoy the spirit of the festival with fun, wishes,blessings and sharing these with others around us. Simple thoughts from the author but I presume it's far more difficult to implement. We can at least start and then see how easy or difficult it is.

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    Happy Holi to all. There are different festivals in India and each festival has its importance. It is very good if people can burn their ego, Jealousy and other bad habits. As advised by the author if one can burn at least one bad habit for each festival this earth will be a beautiful place to live and enjoy the life. But how many people will do that. It is a tough job . But if we can give a try for that it will be a good attempt.
    always confident

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    Festivals are celebrated & have created by us for different occasions & through out India but ego, jealousy and other bad habits are within us since the time we came to this world. We are habitual in taking decisions which are beneficial for us & we are less concerned about the inner thoughts involved in taking those decisions.

    Long time back we used to celebrate this Holi festivals with eco-friendly colors. For this we even used the Turmeric as far as I remember. In today's world we are using toxic colors. So for few this got the different meaning. Still the majority part using the simple Gulal for exchanging colors which is good thing. The concern is that the festivals comes & go but we remain here for rest of days in a year. So we need to work on ourselves not depending on such occasions.

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