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    What wrong in wondering the creation by God

    Many of us not believing the God and His creations but telling as 'nature' and appreciating the human creations.I donot understand what ego makes them to do so. On February 11 my brother in coimbatore gifted a wrist watch with love. It is an automatic one. Today morning when I was on the way to my office,noticed the watch showed date as 29, I thought the watch would have stopped but later realized the month and corrected. Then I thought of this. Though man efficiently created something but left something. But similar blackness we cannot see in God's creation.
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    There's a flaw in your argument. You just said that there are no blackness/blemishes in God's creation and you yourself believe that everything around you is created and governed by God.
    Well...aren't handicaps, transgenders, dwarfs, misfits, etc.; a part of this magnificent design?
    Why do we see rotten and plagued things in nature?
    Nature isn't flawless. Even God is imperfect.
    Man, who was created as an image of God, is imperfect as well. Hence the things we create are imperfect and sometimes even defective.

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    The only mistake committed by god is that he created the evil too. There is nothing to wonder about his creations as they are wonderfully created for us.. He created everything perfectly well including the good and evil. The world and the people are the toys of God that he plays and enjoys. Good and evil are the acts distributed to the toys to enjoy perfectly. No good no evil. No evil no good. God thy name is Mr. Perfect. He created the five power elements, He created the five senses. He created the five metals, He created five arts. All his creations are in a fist with five fingers.
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    God has created everyone of us with limitations and good things too. Those who have money, does not have the talent to safe guard it. Those who have the talent, does not know how to earn money. The person with good money would suffer with bad health and the person with good health does not have money at all. Those who live in the huts and exposed to the nature are not confronted with illness and disease where as those who sleep in the air conditioned room and travel in a/c car even for short distance are affected with unknown diseases. All this are God's creation because , we seldom remember the God when we are happy and going.
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    Aditya said what I was going to. There are a lot of imperfections in nature. Those who say that god created man in his own image should know that there are a lot of imperfections in human biological structure ranging from useless parts which clearly proof evolution as well as we being so weak compared to so many animals in nature.

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    In my opinion, there is 100% perfection in God's creation. As far as evolution is a concern, there are a lot of theories related to evolution but no one is 100% correct. Science changes every day. New theories are proposed for the different topic. We have many vestigial organs in our body, but what if after sometimes research will show that they are important to us. So, science acts on the proof or evidence in present time but it can be wrong. For example some years ago the picture of Dianasour was totally different from the present one. So, science will change according to time and evidence found.
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    Nothing is perfect 100% in this world whether it is man made or God created. Ideal conditions are different. We never find ideal condition. There will be always chance for improvement. If we believe that God has created this Univesre but there are so many imbalances in this universe also. Similarly scientists make different theories but again and again there will new findings deviating from the earlier findings. This is a way of life. On the lighter side, God will also have bad moods. Those times he will create people with flaws.
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