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    Being curious helps you to discover various things.

    If you are curious about something, then you will learn it in depth. By being curious, you will have so many questions raising in your mind and you will start to discover answers to those questions. By discovering, you will start learning many things in life. Always curiosity leads to the discovery of various things. By asking ourselves or questioning others like how what, why etc we start discovering answers and helps in exploring a lot. Always be curious and discover something new to stand out in the crowd.
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    Nice observation from the author. Yes when we are curious about a task or aim, we bound to go in depth and that will give chance for discovering more things and even new things. For example I do not have basic computer education nor does have the idea of typing. But I had the curiosity to learn new things. When I purchased the computer, people laughed at me for my ignorance. Today I can type at forty words per minute like a professional type writing person and that too without mistake. And slowly I have learned the intricacies of computer without attending any class or training. So dedication brings discovery.
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    Persistent curiosity is known as the 'spirit of inquiry' also. We find active children always curious to know about each and everything and in many cases their parents find themselves unable and inadequate to quench their thirst of knowledge.

    I remember having read somewhere that the humans without the spirit of inquiry are as good as an animal. We as a living creature share things like eating, breathing, excreting, procreating etc. with other animals but it is only the spirit of inquiry which distinguishes the humans from other animals.

    We the ISCians are active on this website due to 'curiosity' to learn only.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Curiosity will lead to discovery. So one should be curious to learn. Then it will lead to discovery. When Newton found an apple falling from the tree and became curious to know why the apple is falling down. Why it is not going up. That curiosity made him to think and finally theory of gravity has evolved. So it is true that curiosity will lead to discoveriy
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    Curiosity is one of the most interesting and important traits in our life. This is the thing by virtue of which we explore unknown matters, we take risk of stepping ahead, we learn to enhance our knowledge in a field, we enter in hidden territories and many things like that only to satisfy our curiosity.

    If curiosity is not there, our activity will be subdued. In fact, curiosity is considered as a positive trait.

    At the same time, it is not a good thing to have too much of curiosity. Some people take too much interest in others life. They are always ready to hear stories about other people and unnecessarily poke their nose in their personal affairs and many time give unsolicited advice.

    This is a bad nature and sometimes these people get banged for such deeds. They get a bad name in society and their reputation is affected. So one must be careful in being curious too much. As well said 'curiosity kills the cat' and naturally none of us wants to be affected in any way due to our over curiosity.

    Knowledge is power.

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