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    Does war really change a nation's cultural heritage?

    The history of the world has numerous examples of major wars followed by many civil wars. Most of us hear or see the unnecessary loss of life, widespread destruction and the difficulties faced by the people to recover from this war. Few would realize the deadly impact of conflict on the cultural heritage.

    Many feel that the cultural fabric of a society and the cultural heritage of place gets altered significantly when a conflict rages. I read some reports on how devastating armed conflict can be to a nation's cultural heritage (Syria, Afghanistan, Jerusalem etc).

    Does war really change or destroy the cultural heritage or it is over-exaggerated?
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    If a war erupts there would cascading effect of destruction. The people would loss life, the properties would be damaged, the infrastructure would razed and above all there would be no one even to remove the dead bodies scattered here and there. Vultures, birds and other animals feed on the bodies and thus there are every chance of big disease break out. Mind it the position can be brought to normal if the war is stopped in between. But imagine if it continued till the last death occurs. Then there is no point of return as every thing has to be created new and made new. God forbid that kind of thing should not happen to any country.
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    Yes. It is definite that cultural heritage will be destroyed by wars and will lead to many problems. The wars will definitely bring various losses to the nations. There will be many after effects after the war. During the wars there will be damages to many monuments which stands as a heritage to the ruling kingdoms and their good deeds. If we visit and see the Humpi in Karnataka, we will shed tears to see the condition of those good monuments which were partially destroyed during the wars only. Wars are always for spoiling only. Let the peace survive on this beautiful planet earth.
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    Why to go far for searching the answer of the given question? Our India is a concrete example. The foreign invaders always attempted to annihilate the rich cultural heritage of India by destroying and ransacking temples and historical monuments, besides looting the same for gold and jewels. They raped and married also Indian women with a view to procreate a mixed breed of warriors, asked the people to accept Islam or die, imposed jizya tax on Hindus, vandalised religious places and what not?
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