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    Discover the joy in nature.

    The modernisation has its advantages but it has taken the humans far from the lap of nature as most of our time is being spent in the concrete jungles in the urban set ups.

    Some of us are miserably out of touch with nature and do not know its importance in our life. We have not felt the fresh air breeze in woods since a long time and are not aware of its magical effect on our physical as well as mental health.

    This is an alarming trend and we must take measures to reverse it. Nature is full of joyous things and has many surprises for us only thing is we should open our eyes and arise our senses to visualize them and receive it in our consciousness.

    The rising sun, the flowing rivers, the chirping sound of birds, the whistling of wind, color of sky at sunset and flying birds are all nothing but the sweet sound of mother nature in our ears. Let us not ignore this and lose our connect with this divine surrounding.

    Let us enjoy nature in its entirety in all occasions available to us in our life. Let us not deprive ourselves from this elixir of life revitalizing us now and then.

    So friends, come out and explore nature and let us discover the hidden jewels there.
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    The common man in India is generally busy in making the ends meet. They have neither time, nor the money to visit tourist places to relish the natural beauty. However, those living in the hilly or coastal areas are luckier to enjoy the blessings of nature.

    Most of the Indians live in concrete jungle. They never see the sun rising in the morning or setting in the evening. Leave apart the fresh air, now people are required to buy air-purifiers to get rid of pollutants in the air. Residents of Delhi, who can afford, are thinking to shift to other cities for escaping premature death due to worsening condition of their lungs.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In daily life all the people will have their own avocations and they never find time in enjoying the beauty of the nature. This fact has been brought up very well in this note. The mankind these days are running after worldly comforts and they rarely find time to enjoy and feel the presence of the beauty of the nature. They always want to be more richer and richer but never care for nature. But it is going to be a great threat for the coming generations. This fact is to be understood and protect and enjoy the nature.
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    Many in the cities want to get in touch with nature, explore and enjoy the solitude. It just needs effort, time and some money to travel. With the growing population, acres of jungle are getting lost, encroached upon by vested interests. After sometime, we may not have much of nature left, even if have the passion to discover nature.

    The least we can do is to safeguard the green spaces/lung spaces in the cities. It's a shame to see buildings and shops coming up in park areas where we used to play as kids in and around our residential neighborhoods. We need to take our children out regularly so that they develop an understanding of nature and have the thoughts to preserve it.

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