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    Ideas can change the world

    [This entry wins a consolation prize of Rs.100/- for the photo story contest.]

    Nitin was a newly recruited IAS officer. As his first posting, he was posted to Pithoragarh, a small and quiet city in Uttarakhand known for its greenery, beautiful mountains and tourism. On starting his tenure, Nitin started looking at the previous reports of the city and the various changes that has taken place. He was astonished by looking at the increase in pollution level over the years. It was heart breaking for him to see a beautiful city falling prey to pollution; he decided to investigate the cause. He looked at the traffic reports and found that the number of private vehicles had increase manifold over the years; people preferred private transport over public ones. He talked to other educated people of the city and realized that even to travel a small distance people were using vehicles. He made it his first priority to educate the people about the damage they were causing to the environment. He made a team of influential people of the city and with their help started a campaign. He organized various rallies and traveled everywhere using a bicycle. There he made people aware about the benefits of bicycle over other modes of transport. He told them that using bicycle, they will help to keep this city clean and beautiful; also by using bicycle they will be able to stay fit and healthy. He organized a cycle marathon for all school kids. He cycled along with the kids in the marathon spreading awareness. He talked with the higher authorities and was able to get a fund which provided free bicycles to all the children of the city. All people of the city were highly influenced by this movement. They were motivated on seeing an officer travel by bicycle leaving the luxury of his car. They thought if an outsider can do this much for their city, why can't they. More people started using bicycle for short distances and public transport for longer ones. Within a span of few months, the results were clear. In the next pollution report, the pollution level decreased drastically. The word of Nitin's success spread like a wildfire and everyone was talking about the idea of this young leader. Very soon, the higher authorities instructed all the responsible bodies to spread this awareness among their cities as well and gradually this small movement spread all across the country. Nitin was pleasantly surprised by seeing the effect of a simple idea. He was deeply satisfied by the small contribution that he had made in the betterment of the world. With a tear in his eyes, he remembered the words of his father that "ideas can change the world".
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    Nice story, but the author should have contributed in the in box of the said contest itself to have the inclusive participation, otherwise there is every chance of missing this entry.
    K Mohan
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    Though I have not visited Pithoragarh yet but know as a part of general knowledge that it is a hill station. Riding a bicycle in a hilly town is likely to be funny as the roads have steep ups and downs. While riding downside, one has to be very careful and normally it is not possible to pedal bicycle upwards. The rider has to walk on ground pulling the bicycle along. Thus it can be said that though the concept as such of riding bicycle to contain pollution is noble but its practicability in a hill station is limited.

    However, the author has made a good attempt to weave a story for photo contest though he has picked only the bicycle component of the photo leaving aside the other features.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is a good article highlighting the importance of environment protection. If one really wants to bring in some good practices into the society and make efforts towards the goal definitely it will give desired results. This is what the author expressed in this and I appreciate the efforts.
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    An excellent story plot to use the image of the rider on the bicycle. Yes, people in authority, officials, peers who are often looked upon by the rest of the public can set a good example as a role model. Movie actors, celebrities are often adored by the teenagers and youth, so such people can spread the message to conserving the heritage or of a city or place and transform it into a clean, eco-friendly place.

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    Though it is a hilly area, the places where people have settled have plain roads with almost no steep i.e., a particular locality have plain roads. So to travel small distances, a bicycle can be used easily and it is used. For going longer distances, say to some other locality where the roads are steep, as I mentioned, public transport can be used.

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