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    Discovering "The Humanity Versus Being A Human Being"...

    Do we find any difference between the two?

    Need not to make any clarification that we understand ourselves as a human being although the conduct that we would find in ourselves would be completely different from the approach that provides us this status. If observed closely then the major aspect that distinguishes us with them is the capability to use our mind to the extent that no one else in this planet is capable of, otherwise everything else remains the same.

    In contrast, we justify our act. How?

    We eat non-vegetarian food, we kill each other for the sake of entertainment or for our own benefit which the animal do not as they only do when their stomach are empty. The bigger thing is the animal kingdom don't believe in superstition activities & black magic but live as pure natural phenomena. And if we began a discussion on superstition & black magic then we will no longer even be somewhere near to being a human being because of the sacrifices.

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    Nice thought provoking contribution from the author and this entry is fit for award too. Yes I too agree that there is a difference between humanity and discovering being human. We normally wants to live with helping nature and wants to see the fellow citizens are also happy in living. But when others stoop to the level of cut throat competition and even ignore us, we tend to change our mind and behave strangely. And being human attitude comes to us when we are contended and does not have any more wants to be achieved. I think that sort of situation comes to us rarely and thus we are always selfish to suffice our needs first.
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    Very true. In many aspects animals are better than human beings. A dog will never go for killing another dog. But a person will never hesitate to kill another person if situation demands. A lion will kill another animal when it feels hungry only. But there is no end for the hunger of the human being. It is everlasting. The more you have the more you wanted. What a mantality. A good thread.
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    To begin with, let us first try to understand as to what are the human values.

    Some of the examples of human values are -
    Love, Compassion, Kindness, Empathy, Friendship, Brotherhood, Honesty, Sharing, Loyalty, Fairness, Solidarity , Civility etc. to name a few.

    We can see that all major religions of the world acknowledge these human values and encourage its followers to adopt and practice the same.

    The Homo Sapiens have progressed much beyond than merely being one of the animals. However, only getting born with two legs doesn't make one a human. The two legged animal has to adopt human values also to be eligible of being called a human.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Being human is something which requires love and compassion. Helping the downtrodden, saving animals from cruelty, support the needy are some of the characteristics which the good samaritans have and good citizens possess.
    Knowledge is power.

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