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    Wear helmet and follow wise monkeys

    [This entry wins a consolation prize of Rs.100/- for the photo story contest.]

    Besides other movable and immovable properties, I had inherited the majestic study table of my father after his demise. He was an eminent lawyer of the city and had an office at home for interaction with his clients. He had taken due pains to ensure that I received proper education and subsequently got a decent job also in a reputed company.

    My father was an ardent follower of Mahatma Gandhi and perhaps to keep himself always reminded of the Gandhian philosophy, he had decorated his table with the unmistakable and famed statue of three wise monkeys, embodying the proverbial principle 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil'.

    I often used to stare at those monkeys blankly with a swirling urge deep inside me, to find another statue to replace the three wise monkeys. It went on for years till one day, by sheer chance, I spotted a plastic toy being sold on the footpath by a vendor in the nearby metro city where I was on a sightseeing trip with my colleagues.

    The toy caught my attention immediately. At the first glance, it looked like an ordinary pizza delivery boy riding a bicycle on his way to deliver pizza. What fascinated me most in the toy was the fact that the boy was wearing a helmet while riding the bicycle. The images of people riding motorcycles without wearing a helmet flashed in my mind which I used to watch daily as a routine on my way to office and elsewhere. I found myself totally drenched in shame recollecting that I myself drive my motorcycle without sporting helmet despite being reminded many times by my well wishers.

    You are right in guessing that I bought the toy spontaneously. Back home, I put the toy on my laptop and tried to study the same in fuller details. There were side wheels attached to the rear wheel for stability during riding, a lock on real wheel to ensure security, the boy was wearing a sportswear shorts and carrying a water bottle on his back. The 'On-Off' switch visible on the box fitted on the carrier of the bicycle indicated that it was a pizza delivery box.

    At first, it appeared that I got the answer of my nagging search for replacing the statue of the three wise monkeys but it was not so. As soon as I proceeded to actually replace the statue, I heard a voice as if one of the three wise monkeys covering his mouth was speaking by uncovering his mouth temporarily. It said that why don't you follow our principles as well as wear a helmet too. Suddenly another voice apparently from the bicycle riding pizza delivery boy toy came – 'yes, the wise monkey is right, follow him'.

    Since that day, I do wear my helmet religiously. Both the toys are now decorating the majestic table of my father and help me tread on right path. I will bequeath these toys to my son in future.
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    A nice write up. A helmet will save our life sometimes. So a wise person will always use a helmet without fail. He will not think about his hair and face and stop wearing the helmet. He knows if there is no life there is no hair and face. Why many people miss this simple logic of life I fail to understand.
    always confident

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    Mr. KK
    I liked your good story advising us to wear helmet while we ride to save our life for the sake of our family depending on us.

    No life without Sun

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