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    Is it practically possible to be a strict vegan?

    Apart from vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets, there is 'vegan' diet also.

    A 'vegan' is a follower of 'veganism' which is a practice of abstaining from animal products in diet. Vegans refrain from consuming animal products, not only meat but also eggs, dairy products and other animal-derived substances e.g. honey. In India, veganism is most common in the states of Gujarat (4.9%) and Maharashtra (4.0%).

    Some strict vegans don't use products like woollen jumpers, silk scarves, leather shoes, pearl jewellery, seashells, ordinary soap (usually made of animal fat), or cosmetics that contain animal products.

    Do you know anybody who is a vegan? Is it practically possible to be a strict vegan?
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    No, it is not possible. No human being can avoid animal products, but can minimize its use. Sugar, milk, etc. contains/is animal product. The plants also use animal products as fertilizers.
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    It would be possible to be a strict vegan within the limits of what our eyes can see. For instance, many hotels have veg and non-veg service, yet only a few have sepearte kitchens, most would have the same being prepared in the same kitchen.

    Many products that are marked as organic make people happy, but how to assure it because most of them are just good quality products that are packaged as marked as organic.

    Many love the panipuri, street food, some ghee based sweets and chat that is available all around in pubic places. Often we hear about reports of animal fat/ chicken gravy being used by some vendors to enhance the taste. Please don't hold me to this but I mention this to highlight the fact that we cannot be sure of what goes in unless we grow our own produce and used only non-animal compost.

    Similarly, it would be very difficult to stick to a vegan diet always, there would be some way the animal products find their way into the food.

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    It is a vague thought to be a vegan. It is against the wish of the God who created the things for us for our survival. Even plants have life. They too feel the pain., but thy don't speak and act. Even Lord Krishna 'Makkan Chor' eats, butter, ghee, curd and milk. Who can be better than this Krishna on the earth and call themselves Vegans without eating any animal product. I must simply say that Vegan is rubbish.
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    Yes, practically it sounds like, that it is not possible but actually I think that if someone with full dedication and discipline tries then it could be possible for him to be practically vegan, But I think that only few people in the world can do this, if he or she really wants to do it otherwise it will be not possible for him/her to maintain it for more than 24 hours.
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    I feel it is very difficult to be a pure vegan. Without milk and butter milk it is very difficult to manage. But if somebody wants to maintain they can do that with a lot of difficulty. I have not seen any one who never consume either milk or buttermilk. Even on the days of fasting people may prefer taking milk. As far asI am concerned I take only black tea and black coffee. But everyday two times I consume butter milk.
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    Some of the typical Indian vegan food may be -

    1. Palak (Tofu) Paneer
    2. Chhole or Chana Masala
    3. Vegetable Biryani
    4. Aloo Gobhi
    5. Medhu Vada

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    We cannot follow the rules of full vegan but there may be limited use of that. As mentioned we do eat Palak Paneer once in a while and that tastes good too. Chole Masala is subjected to be available when ever we visit the eateries as they prepare only during particular days. In Hyderabad we do get plenty of vegetable biryani at affordable rates, but lots of spice in it would be danger to the health as we cannot have the biryani as our daily diet. Aloo gobi combination is very seasonal as we cannot get gobi all the time. And small insects in gobi is a fear factor for house holds. And medhu vada is prepared only on festive occasions and I am fond of it.
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    Atleast two million people around the world are vegans today.
    Veganism is for rich is what I believe. Because being sympathetic on your food is unheard of in animal kingdom. But again humans as a species are unpredictable and downright insane. What do you think? A lion likes all the bloodshed and gore it creates while hunting ?
    Definitely not. That's the reason why adult lions don't hunt in surplus.
    Animals of prey are empathetic too. They know the pain of loss. That's why they only kill the children most of times and leave the parents unattended to make a new kid.
    Animal world makes more sense in every manner.

    Imagine a tribe of homo-sapiens who proclaimed that animal harming is sinful and they will from here on live on plant diet alone. Do you think they'd have survived three ice ages and massive continental migrations?
    Nope. Veganism sprung in 20th century when resources are plenty.
    Industries made it possible that vegans can have more plant products without foraging.

    Plant diet is extremely inefficient in giving you carbohydrates you need to synthesize energy. So vegans need to eat a whole lot than veg and non veg. And in addition to their frequent snacking, the food they use, without a diary intervention, is usually pretty expensive.
    They use soy and almond milk and I needn't tell you how expensive they are.
    They use pure cotton or synthetic materials for clothing. (Well thats not expensive)

    Let's face it. Vegans will be weaker than the rest of humanity.
    Veganism is possible. Definitely possible. If you're rich and are happy to throw away everything you love about tasty food.

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    During the evolution of human life on Earth, there was no concept of veg, non-veg or vegan. With time when civilization progressed some thinkers and saints started preaching these things and human minds with their logic started to distinguish between food items.

    So it is all our thought process which has created this demarcation. Nature has everything which is a food for some animal and the jungle life does not distinguish between them.

    Once the evolution of a species has been there and adapted to a particular food then it is difficult to change it as it may adversely affect the body metabolism. Those could be some logical reasons for some communities to take a certain type of foods.

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