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    Where are the Indian Brains?

    Being an Indian myself, I feel the pride in respect and understanding from fellow humans living abroad from other countries, who acknowledge the so called 'Indian Brain'.

    I felt writing about this for long, but hit my mind soon after reading a news post from a co-founder of a famous technology gadgets giant who has a different view on the 'Indian Brains' and our creativity.

    People have contrary thoughts on his words and call him stereotype.

    Taking back a moment on this, what actually is the 'Indian Brain' and why are we special? And really, are we special?

    The answers chain back to the Indian heritage, culture, history, science, ancestors and much more. But, that's only from the past and that's how, I believe, we have earned the credit.

    For those who are yet to realize what I am talking about, let us start thinking from the past.

    I hope most of us have known or read a little about the brilliance in archeological marvels in India which still have unanswered questions. Even before medical advancements have evolved, Sushruta was able to perform surgeries and authored Sushruta Samhita for surgeries.

    If we remember using Log table during our academics we need to realize that it came out after a lot of research in figuring out the calculations and values for us to follow. In similar thoughts, what kind of researches would have happened for preparing 'Panchangam'? We never know and DON'T know. All ancient inventions, astonishing historic marvels built in our country would have undergone outstanding thought process before it had evolved into what we know about it now.

    But, did these happen with the help of similar academics that we have undergone and have been following? A big NO!

    If it's a NO, why are Indians still respected? From my thoughts, it's only because we still have same essence of our ancestors who were technology masters with extraordinary brilliance, in each one of us. This brilliance doesn't come out unless we move ourselves from being misguided in following the history, than creating the future.

    Our current education system dates back only from the 18th century and in these few centuries that we have progressed, we lag behind in emphasizing new thoughts.
    I am glad to see people reacting for the fundamentals in creating new thoughts in students.

    Organizations like LMES from Chennai bring us hope in having a change injected into our minds on our current education system.

    Does studiousness and 'just' hard-working result in non-creative Indians? May be, to some extent! But I wish we realize the need for change in our education and grow our future with the same pride of an 'Indian Brain'.

    The current stand and the future on how we move forward in our education system, is what that will decide having the same pride on our shoulders and for our generations to come.


    This is my first post in this forum and I would be glad to hear your thoughts as responses :~)
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    As far as the mankind is concerned only those discoveries and inventions matter which make the life of humans easier. The other kind of application of brain in theorising about spirituality and philosophy, doesn't make much difference in the day to day life of the common man.

    Consider following discoveries and their discoverers -

    Battery - Alessandro Volta
    Mercury Thermometer - Gabriel Fahrenheit
    Penicillin - Alexander Fleming
    X ray - Wilhelm Rontgen
    World Wide Web - Tim Berners Lee
    Email - Ray Tomlinson
    Laptop - Adam Osborne
    Electric Bulb - Thomas Edison
    Fan - Schuyler Skaats Wheeler
    Airplane - Wright Brothers-Wilbur and Orville Wright
    Telephone - Alexander Graham Bell
    Radio - Guglielmo Marconi
    Calculator - Blaise Pascal
    Television - Philo Taylor Farnsworth

    There are many such examples including motor car, train, air-conditioners, motorcycle, rocket, etc.

    None of above products were invented in India.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    A nice post from the author and he deserves all the appreciation. The first post itself is a very nice one. I wish the author a encouraging journey on this site.
    To understand a subject one should have a little knowledge of the subject. Otherwise it is like blowing triumphant before a deaf person. These days people don't even know what is log tables. Of course there is no necessity. So how can we appreciate the troubles taken by them .
    The Indian pundits are so accurate in deciding the timings of events without any instruments or support but by simple mathematical calculations. We all should be proud about those people. But these days we are also going with the wind and not inheriting the heritage.

    always confident

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    Appreciate your time in responding and Thanks for your response Kailash sir.

    I agree to your thoughts and that's the rising concern. Our focus on inventions and life essential tools have not visualized in a big picture to lay out a path, rather than just chasing on high scores for a secured job.

    As an info to the fellow members,
    Though Volta is considered to be the first person to invent battery (Galvanic Cell), he is definitely not the first person. According to Agastya Samhita, written thousands of years ago by the sage Agastya, there is a mention of a similar mechanism that was used by Volta.
    The script was accidentally found by an Engineer 'Rao Saheb Krishnaji Vajhe' and 'Damodar Tryambk Joshi' during their research on scripts related to science, which was then handed to Dr.M.C. Sahastrabuddhe, head of Sanskrit Department in Nagpur. Identifying the relevance to 'Daniel Cell' the verses was handed over to P.P.Hole who concluded the similarities of the Galvanic Cell with the one from Agastya.

    Today is the first day for rest of your life! Give it a better Start!

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    @Rao Sir, Thanks for your words and am glad that our thoughts are similar.

    I wish changes happen gradually.. :~)

    Today is the first day for rest of your life! Give it a better Start!

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    I sincerely appreciate your efforts put in this thread to know about Indian brains. I am also of the view that most of the technological developments are from Indian brain. Mainly the missile technology is the Indian brain that originated from time of Ramayana and Mahabharatha where we see the Missiles like arrows with different concepts have been used. Even in war, the formations used are of Indian Origin. For e.g. The Chakra vyug in which Abhimanyu was killed is the modern day's Circular screen formed during war. Much more can be added to prove the fact.

    No life without Sun

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    @Sun, Thanks for your views :)

    My thought was not directly to mean that most of the developments are of Indian origin, but to emphasize that we need to evolve further instead of following what the history has written in books.

    But yes, you are right in a few areas of technological developments of Indian origin. Your words on Ramayana and Mahabharatha is right.

    Today is the first day for rest of your life! Give it a better Start!

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    Author has come up with a profound thought to discuss. True that we lay back in product discoveries and inventions. Our education system actually passes out the students as corporate products. Prepares them to do good in interviews and survive in salaried jobs. Our Indian brains just need a platform. They grab opportunities and survive in MNCs for a longer period, attains higher positions in shorter span of their career. We all aware of Indian origin CEOs in MNCs. That tells Indian brains are still doing great at management.

    Education system primarily tries to fulfill the knowledge thirst of life. Later, it became an organisation to fulfill the demand of corporate in our country. It is true that the education system, that we follow right now, dates back to 18th century. British prepared Indians to meet his demand on those years with those system. After globalization and liberalization, our country spread red carpet to MNCs, especially IT companies. Now to fulfill this corporate needs, our education system was updated. As I told in my post Discover your origin History repeats. So, it is good to discover your origin first, in order to survive as unique as before.

    But, the Indian brains are still doing great innovations. They shine in whatever field they are exposed to. Necessity is the mother of any invention. Now our nation's GDP primarily depends upon services sector. More than 50% of our GDP is contributed from services sector. Indian brains are now directed towards technological advancement. People like Naveen Tewari are doing innovations in business. We all aware of the inventor of email, VA Shiva Ayyadurai from India invented email in 1978. So, Indian brains did not stop discovering or inventing, they are focusing to technologies. They are praised for their present deeds too. (Not just for the history)

    I think, the product inventions has attained its peak now. The utmost upgrades in mobile phones are just increase in camera pixels, picture qualities and storage capacities. I still agree with the author, about the educational system of our country. It should trace back to our Indian origin, not just with history of wars and dynasties, but our inventions and discoveries. Exposure to these studies, will make Indians to stay versatile and rock in many other fields.

    Best wishes to you Mathivanan Sir.
    Continue to contribute such thoughtful posts.

    Sri Vetri
    Spread Positivism

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    Mathivanan welcome to this site as a new member and your first post itself a out of box thinking and that is why so many responses are registered by now. Coming to the topic. Indian brains are always great, creative and thinking. But only thing we lack that we do not give a helping hand or show the right for those who have the talent and yet not taken into main stream. Take example of government employees of some departments, they are doing their routine work, without showing any talent in them and thus they have buried their creativity for ever. And I feel sorry at the government for failing to identify the formidable and talented candidates in every field and if they are offered jobs, surely much creativity could be seen and India would further develop manifold. But again reservation, caste and creed wont allow talent to take front seat.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Brain blooms fully when there is conducive environment i.e. opportunities to work and get recognised. The Indian brain is brilliant no doubt. Take the examples of -

    Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft
    Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google Inc.
    Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe Systems
    Indra Nooyi, Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo
    Ajay Banga, President and CEO of MasterCard
    Rajeev Suri, CEO of Nokia
    Vikram Pandit, former CEO of Citigroup

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    @Srimathi, You are exactly right in stating that the current education system is working on the corporate demands. Thats one of the reasons why any new reforms dont take place too. Thanks for your thoughts.

    @Mohan, Thanks for taking time to respond to this post. Obviously, unless government takes a stand on upgrading the current education system and place competent talents, recognize them, changes to evolve is not going to progress.

    I am glad that most of you agree to my thoughts and it encourages me to keep writing, after a while.

    Today is the first day for rest of your life! Give it a better Start!

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    A good thread exploring about the Indian contribution to mankind. Understanding history with respect to inventions are difficult because the timeline, the degree to which the great minds had access to resources, to document and to spread the message across.

    If you take the inventions of Da Vinci or the great painters of Renaissance era, these are well documented in European history and well percolated around the world. I think, in India, our ancestors didn't have the access to interact or spread their concepts and works abroad.

    Glad, you mentioned about the father of surgery, Sushruta, his techniques and concepts were so advanced yet his work was not as popular as the rest of the counterparts from Europe. Just my thoughts, ancient India is known for its heritage but were the Indians actually considered to be among equals? I don't think so.

    In modern world, our Indian brains who emigrated to the west, a phenomena that was called as brain drain, is still contributing to the progress of many sectors in the west ( they may not invent many things, but would be part of the teams).

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