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    Do we eat more than required?

    I have read that generally people eat much more than actually required. Many people have become habituated of continuing to eat even after intake of their actual requirement without realising that they are overeating.

    It is said that if your are finishing your food in less than 20 minutes by gobbling up food, then there are chances that you are overeating. Ideally the food should be chewed properly and each morsel should be savoured. Many overeat just because either they are bored or have nothing interesting to do e.g. they continue to munch while sitting in front of television.

    Habitually eating more than required stretches the size of stomach and the individual feel like eating more daily to fill the stretched stomach. However, intake of only required amount of food for few months restores the original size of the stomach again and after eating only required amount of food one starts feeling satiated.

    What are your observations in this regard?
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    We most of Indian people believe in sumptuous meals which should satisfy our Taste- buds. The more spicy and oily is the food, more it will be tasty and tangy in nature. So taking lunch or dinner along with the closed circles would last as much as an hour where they are indulged in varied talks and enjoy all sorts of items included in the programme.
    It hardly matters from which states we are originating and in that scene we are equal in our temperaments. Needless to say, the family - doctors are fed up with the long lectures of curtailing spicy foods in the wake of elevation of cholesterol and triglycerides. Both are doing their jobs sincerely the family - doctors and Food - lovers - the only difference being in discharging the opposite roles.
    Of late, it is being observed that there are plenty of health concious people resorting to healthy food - styles but such trend is seen among the educated masses. It needs to be followed as others as well.

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    We can save more than required and improve our bank balance, but we cannot overeat and improve our stomach balance to live happily. Food is the only thing for which we can show a stop signal or say 'Enough. Thanks. Sorry. No more". People who overeats suffers with obesity and potbelly, and many other diseases associated with it. We can break our meals in many parts and eat every hour, but not in one go.
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    Eating as required is always better. It is bad to consume more food than required. Again andagain eating is good but very small quantity at a time should be taken. Without feeling hungry will give overweight problem. Everyone should have sufficient physical activity so that there will not be any chance for storing unnecessary fat. These days both in office and at house also there is no physical activity. Everything is mechanised. So sitting in Ac room with a laptop is the way of work these days. This is adding to the problem of overeating. Eating slowly and less quantity and not eating junk food will keep us healthy
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    Our body is adjusted to the routine activities & therefore even if we are eating more than usual the body only consume for what it requires. The eating habit is having an impact on us when our life style changes. If our life style doesn't change then for sure the eating habit is having an impact on us.

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    Over eating is not a healthy practice according to doctors and those who are conscious about their health. When one has taken the amount to contain the starving stop eating. Anything more just happen to be un wanted. Certain health advisors suggest to fill only half of the stomach.
    The tendency to eat more can be seen among those who eat slowly and repeatedly. Eating certain snacks intermittently is a habit for many. Such people will take only lesser food. But the intermitant intake supplements. Avoid taking more time in front of the dining table. Water must be taken as much as possible. That automatically will reduce solid food intake.

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    Eating is an activity which requires patience and concentration. It is one of the important activity and sometimes people are doing it reluctantly and as if it has been imposed on them. It is said that food taken in such neglectful manner never acts on the body positively.

    Eating in a slow and orderly way enjoying each spoon of it, is the requirement already mentioned in our ancient books by the saints and Vaidya (doctor) of that time.

    Ayurveda insists to mix saliva well with the food during chewing and before swallowing. Simply gulping down food in the stomach is an unhealthy practice.

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    The author has already raised a thread which almost connected to the subject raised here. There are many reasons for a person who eat more than the required. If the menu which was prepared was his preferred item since long days, he used to eat more and even more. For example those who stay in foreign country and if they come to India for vacation, then tend to eat home made food of different varieties liked by them. Example some would like the mixed curry preparation which is made with coconut oil and that is called Avial in Tamil. Surely for those whose taste buds were longing for rare dishes they would eat more. Likewise those who have the liking for a particular food, they would eat more. This can be seen with evening snacks items like Mirchi Bajji , wada, bonda etc. Some people would eat more than two plates as they like the taste of chutney at a particular shop.
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    In India about 27 crore people live below poverty line. On the other hand obesity among children and adolescents is rising rapidly. Intake of junk food, alcohol and sedentary lifestyle is making one in every five Indian men and women either obese or overweight. Overeating is a clinical disorder also, called binge eating disorder (BED).
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