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    Is having a potbelly actually a sign of prosperity?

    Many people have a potbelly. Potbelly is a large, swollen, or protruding abdomen. It is also known as a paunch. Many consider potbelly as an emblem of prosperity. It is wrongly interpreted that 'more money, more food'.

    In our country, most middle age men who are well settled in their life generally have big bellies. However, India still has the lowest obesity rate as compared to Brazil, Russia and China.

    At road intersections, we often see the traffic policeman with a potbelly. Genetics play a very important role in the formation of pot bellies in Indian men. Alcohol and smoking also plays a very important role in increasing the abdominal circumference.

    Is having a potbelly actually a sign of prosperity or does it raise health concerns?
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    I had a potbelly in my childhood. But I used to console myself by looking at the picture of 'Napolean Bonapart' who also has a big potbelly, thinking that I would also become a man like Napolean Bonapart and rule India. Was it not a funny thought with a potbelly!
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    Without going into details or history of obesity, I am just enjoying the sight of one of my neighbours. This middle-aged man is pot-bellied. Since morning, he is sitting on a chair kept in a comfortable position in his terrace. A table is placed in front of him. The table contains 'gulal' of different colours and 'thandai' with 'bhang'. He is immensely enjoying himself. He is laughing without any reason (effect of 'bhang') and his belly is dancing with joy. I am enjoying the dance of his belly from my terrace.
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    Many people believe this. But it is not at all acceptable. A potbelly will lead to many health problems and once you have health problems for recovering you have to spend a lot of money. So I feel it is never a sign of prosperity but a sign of problems.
    In olden days I know many people who used to have a potbelly never faced any problem of health. They used to eat well at the same time they used have a lot of physical activity. But now there is no physical activity. So no one should think of having a potbelly.

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    Ha ha ha.

    No this can't be possible & can only be a myth. On the other hand this simply means that the person is not aware his physic & adding that in the future he will be going to pay for this in terms of medical bills.

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    A pot belly is a clear sign of more food intake with less exercise and workout. Many people who have desk jobs and sedentary lifestyle suffer from it.

    It may look apparently a sign of affluence but it is only a myth or jocular saying. In reality there is nothing like it.

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    Normally Indians are fond of eating various foods and that too have a liking for spicy food. Spicy food and more food if taken regularly would gives rise to pot belly. And who will eat more food, who can afford for it. So it is clear that those who are rich and can afford will eat more food and hence have pot belly. But there are cases with some whose eating habits are very irregular and they also have the pot belly. That means even non eating of food in time would gives rise to gastric disorders and hence pot bellies. Nevertheless those who have pot bellies also have the stature in the society and the people would respect them.
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    Laughing Buddha has a large pot belly. It is believed by many that rubbing his pot belly brings prosperity, good luck and wealth.
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    And regarding rubbing the Laughing Buddha pot belly to get prosperity,, it is purely a marketing technique to induce the people to buy the product and nothing more than that.
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